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This could keep you safe or alive if atacked out on the town.
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I am shocked that there isn't any self defence sort of thing on this web site. Lets face its ladys this world isn't all puppies and glitter. This is a simple and effective way to save your self in a assult. I was almost rape belive it or not with my atacker thinking I was a women in Seattle. Lucky I had a no BS Kung Fu master for a 1st Sgt. hehe and yous to teach us stuff like this. I hate to bring this on some thing like this wonderful of a web site but if you are a open CD going out on the town this can happen and I wish you would be at least some what knowlageable on what to do. This is going to be a long post but I can give you very good info that could save your life. I ran a search and seen nothing on this and hurt me abit so here I am lol and I would never want to see anything happen to any of you Sissys. We are a proud and gentle people. I know if we had it our way we have nothing but love in this world but it's sadly not that way. I teach a small self defence class and I just hope no one would EVER have to use this.

Surviving Assault

This method of self-defence I suggest is the KISS. "KISS" stands for Keep It Stupidly Simple - and that is the only thing that is likely to work in street self-defence situations.

Below I provide the essence of the KISS method. Keep in mind the goal is Never to kill of maim. Your only intent should be to Stun and Escape.

The KISS Method

~ Startle Reflex.
When you are suddenly startled your hands come up in front of your face, your shoulders hunch up and you dip your chin. You do this naturally as a reflex to protect your face and throat.

~ Double palm strike to the nose of the atacker. Just shove your palms into there face coming off your startle reflex.

~ Keep smashing there face with your palms over and over, without stopping.

~ Keep charging into the opponent as he reacts. If he stumbles backward keep palm striking there head. If he falls foward keep palm striking his head. If you can't reach him with your hands any longer, kick with your shoes at whatever presents itself.

~ When he hits the ground, run away. Use the chance to flee.

~ When you are safe, report everything to the police.

KISS: Why it Works

If you are attacked the chances are you will not expect it. You will not be expecting that someones is actually threatening to kill you with a gun or knife. You will not be expecting that someone will suddenly start yelling at you, pushing you or trying to grab you.

You will be surprised.

At first you may not believe it is really happening. You will be surpised and confused.

If you do realize it is happening, if the person is rushing at you, grabbing you, pointing a gun toward you, etc., you will be startled.

There is a in-born, hard-wired startle or flinch rerflex called the Moro Reflex. You can find video examples of this on YouTube or Google Video. The hands tend to come up, palms out, to protect against the threat. The chin drops and the shoulders come up to protect the neck.,

This reflex happens outside of the conscious awareness. It happens faster than you can think. If something comes at your face, you will do it automatically.

You do not have to learn to do this. You do it whether you want to or not.

The KISS Method suggests that you use that shock to your system from the flinch/startle reflex by taking that sudden rush of fear and using it to smack your palm immediately into the nose of the assailant.

The Hand is Quicker Than the Eye

You can and will hit the assailant in the face faster than he can see it coming.

You can test this to your heart's content by doing the same palm heel strike to someone else's palm. Your friend can try to drop his hand before you hit his palm with your palm before he can move it down.

If someone has moved into your space and is threatening you, in most places this is considered assault and you are justified n striking him even if they has not struck you. This may not be ture where you live and would need to ask a police officer, attorney/barrister or other reponsible government official about the legal implications.

However, in almost all cases if someones is closing in on you in a threatening manner and strtling you, such that you can hit them without even stepping forward, this is usually viewed as legitimate self-defense.

Additionally by not balling your hand into a fist, but instead striking them with your open palm with the same pushing away motion (only lightning fast), this by itself does not appear to be aggressive.

You are assuming through the startle reflex the "Leave me alone" posture. If they moves in on you, then striking them in the face with your palm is far less likely to appear to be you assaulting them to any witnesses.

Why Use A Palm??

Because you can hit harder with your plalm than you can with your fist - and with less damage to your hand.

Look at a solid wall and lightly tap your fist into it. If you hit that wall with great force the chances are you would break your hand.

The human head is a bony box lightly wrapped with skin, rather like a bowling ball lightly wrapped with bubble wrap. Hitting the human head with the fist sends macho fools to the emergency rooms on Saturday nights where they get their broken hand x-rayed and casted.

However look at that same wall and consider how much harder you could hit it with your palm.

There really is no comparision.

It takes years of training for a professional boxer to strike hard with his fists and he still has them taped up first for additional strengthening support.

Your palm is already just a piece of meat at the end of the club of your arm. The force or your blow is direct and powerful and it is unlikely to ever hurt you at all if you use it this way.

You can trust it and will not shy away from using.

The double palm strike to the nose (face) passively places the arms on both sides of the head, helping to block blows. Successive double palm blows to the face look highly defensive ("Get away from ME!") and very much not aggressive.

If the assailant is driven back, you have room to charge into them with more such strikes.

If the assailant cannot be reached with both palms because they is more to one side or other, then you still strike out with both palms. The one that makes contact will bounce back, and this will naturally cause your other palm to now come in afterward, generating the left-right-left-right rapid-fire striking to the face and head that rattle the assailant.

If the assailant does not go back with the double palm strike but, due to his momentum, continuse forward, this will tend to result in him pressing his face/head into your hands as you arms fold toward you.

In such a case he is essentially being "held" with your fingers in his face so that you can kick and knee them.

All of these reactive moves come naturally due to the way your body is structured, your reflexes operate, and the natural give and take of two bodies in motion.

You just need to aggressively go after them with whatever you have. It is already built into your primate instincts. You can see plenty of examples of primates in the wild and in zoos doing the same thing on YouTube of Google Video.

Why Target The Nose??

The nose is smack dab between the eyes pretty much in the center of the face. Hitting the nose by itself can cause the eyes to water and the nose to bleed, and it can shock the assailant.

Additionally if you target the nose instead of the eyes, you overcome a natual tendency to not want to stab someonw in the eyes. Thee are also legal ramifications since you are not aiming to blind him, but only to "push them away" - although this push should be able to knock them down!

If you aim or his nose, your fingers will naturally poke near, on or even into there eyes, but that isn't your intent. It is a side effect of aiming for the nose.

Actually hitting anywhere on the face or head is effective. However the nose is an obvious target.

If you miss, you may hit there mouth or chin or even there throat. If you hit the side of there jaw he/she may simply be knicked uncinscious with a single blow! A strike to the side of the head to the temple can do much of the same thing as well as a strike to the base of the skull if hes is leaning over, or you have ended up behind him.

The palm heel sraike is known as the Tiger's Claw and you will hear Instructors advise that you rip out they assailant's eyeball on the pull back. I do not suggest this at all. Not only will deliberate maiming tend to get you a prison sentence in most places, it is actually less effective for what you are trying to do.

Rapid-fire multiple palm heel strikes to the face/head, targeting the nose is a gross motor action, whereas grouping and tearing requires fine motor coordination.

You lose all that in an assault.

The Reality Of The Fight Or Flight Response

At first in an assault situation, if you are not simply and immediately attacked (an ambush), you will be startled and surpried. Initially your mind will not be in a fight-for-your-life-mode. When it dawns on you that this assailant is trying to crush you or kill you, you will "freak out" chemically. You will have a "fight or flight' response. Adrenaline will rush into your bloodstream. Your blood will rush out of your internal organs and into your arms and legs.

Some of this is a very good as you will be stronger and better ablbe to fight or run. But there are someother things that will always happen as well:

~ You will have tunnel vision. Your peripheral vision vanishes and you will only see what you are directly looking at. You will not see other assailants around you.

~ Your hearing will become worse. Your surviival reflex to fight or flee sucks away blood from your ears to your arms and legs. You will probably not notice what the assailant may be saying to or shouting at you.

~ You will get stupid. Blood rushes away from your brain also. That means that you will not be able to think up clever things to say, or clever kung fu moves to use. Your IQ drops through the floor.

~ You will be able to perform gross motor muscular functions. All fine motor reflexes such as all those joint locks, fancy kicks, rapid fire wing chun hand trapping methods, "relaxing as you fight" training, etc., will not be available to your nervous system.

~ You will usually have no more than 30 seconds before you are totally exhausted and barely able to stand

So there you are: stupid, crude, tense, and with the clock ticking.

Keep It Stupidly Simple

Hopefully now you understand why I recommend the Keep It Stupidly Simple (KISS) Method.

The method you should use for street survivalneeds to match up with what you can do and how you will be - not something that you can't do.

Therefore the KISS method works with your natural responses.

Fist you have the startle response.

That tends to put your hands up in front of you between you and the immediate danger - the assailant.

Then you strike out with your palm immediately.

At that point the fight or flight response is kicking in and you will increasingly repeat your palm heel strikes as you rush toward the assailant.

If he pulls back reflexively due to your strikes to there face so that he is just out of reach, begin kicking at his abdomen, grion and lower legs (knees and shinds).

If you do close with them so that you can't keep whacking his face/head with your palm, then your arm, as if folds against you, starts to swing out with edge if hand blows over and over like a jackhammer.

If he starts to bend over, your hand blows continue down against him. If he drops below you, kick him until you can escape.

Brutal. Crude. Repetitious. Mindless. Tense.

All matching what your survival chemistry gears you to being able to do and avoiding all of things you probably would never be able to do.


KISS : Special Circumstances

What About Rape or Kidnapping Attemps?

Do exactly the same thing unless the assailant has already grabbed you.

If you are grabbed and cannot strike his nose or under his chin, cup both hands and smash them into both of his ears at the same time. (This is called a "Thunderclap strike.")

Resume the KISS method.

What About Ground Fighting?

If you are knocked down to the ground, roll over and try to run away if your assailant is not close.

If the assailant is right on top of you (which is what usually happens), then use a palm heel strike to his nose or under his chin.

If that is not possible, Thunderclap strike his ears.

Then continue to repeat palm heel strikes OR jackhammer repetitions with the edge-of-hand strikes.

The edge of hand strike is swung from the elbow, palm down, out toward the face of the assailant.

The edge of hand strike is also excellent because it will slice and hit anything in the way. This is especially useful if you are on your back and can't hit with the heel of your palm.

It is also a very excellent follow-up "finishing" blow to end the fight by really winding back and then dropping your body weight into the blow, especially to the neck.

What if the Attackers Have Weapons?

The KISS Method assumes that there are always multiple assailants and they all have weapons.

If there are knives you may never see the knivfe at all.

Of course, if you see the weapon you can try to grab the arm holding it, but you will probably still get cut or stabbed.

You should understand that if you can escape from the assailant that you have a good chance of surviving stabs or slashes once you can get medical attention.

The KISS Method is basically 100% offensive against the assailant because by attacking the attacker you move him from predator consciousness to prey consciousness.

By slamming his face you are blocking his ability to see.

By following up and taking ground to knock him over, his use of any weapon will be greatly impaired.

On the other hand, if the assailant has closed the gap and has a knife against you throat, for example, you need to seize that hand or weapon to keep it from moving AS you smash his face with your palm strikes.

If it is a firearm and he is not pressing up against you, run away!

The chances are good that he will miss you.

If the gun is close enough to you, you will want to strike out trying to grab and deflect that gun so that it does not point directly at you. Then just keep smashing his face with your palm.

If you see that he is swinging a club at you, you still just follow the KISS Method. Your startle reflex position will place your arms up where they will help protect your head and if you close in on him while striking his face, the effectiveness of the swing will be reduced or nullified.

What About Multiple Assailants?

By the time you have engaged one assailant, you will probably not be able to see or hear his buddies.

That is why you should not tie yourself up grappling with the first assailant. Once he is down and is not just jumping up again, you need to run away.

Get out of there.

There is no fight so large or opponent so strong that running away isn't an option.

If another assailant blocks your way, you follow the KISS Method with him as well.

Understand this.

You may die fighting.

But you may live instead.

It is worth the effort.

What About Protecting Others?

Now we enter the problem of reationship politics.

In the ideal world, your companion will understand the KISS Method and help you fight free to both escape.

In the real world, your companion who does not understand how to do this needs to run away as fast as possible.

Otherwise, if you succeed in downing yor first assailant you many discover that you companion is now being attacked by his friends and you, my friend, are committed to having to stay and fight for both of your lives.

Children need to be trained to run away, run away, run away.

What Should Children be Taught to Do For Street Defense?

They should be taught to run away whenever possible, especially if the attacker is a larger child or adult.

If you wish to train a child in more than that, may I suggest sport judo (not jujutsu).

Judo will teach a child how to deal with peers without having to strike there faces, necks, etc. Judo will also teach the child to not fear body momentum and to develop the gross motor skills that could really work well in later life as well.

It's worrisome to see minors studying striking arts. Apart from the fact that a child under twelce can seriously damage his still-growing bones such as in his wrist, there is the overkill factor of having some other child maimed or even killed outright in the playground.

Children are outclasses by adults and the KISS Method should only be taught to fully grown adults.

What About Car Jackings?

First, some intelligent driving habits can really help prevent this.

Always stop your car with enough room between you and the next vehicle so that you can see the bottom of his back tires.

If you do this and someone runs up and points a gun at you, you can gun the car around the vehicle in front of you and escape.

If that can't work and you are driving alone with the assailant approaching from the passenger side, don't unlock the door!

If you can't move and he shoots you through the window, he may miss you anyway. If he can't get in the door, he may rush off to the next car and try them instead.

Your door wasn't locked?

It should always be locked.

This is another important habit to establish. Always lock all car doors all the time anywhere you go. Always. One reason why cars have an auto-lock now.

But suppose you didn't and this crazy man leaps into the passenger seat and thrusts a knife against your neck or puts a gun to your head.

If you can, crash the car as you push the weapon against the seat behind you. Follow with the KISS Method.

You won't be able to move against him because you are stapped in but this is life or death.

Hit him until he falls out the door or stops moving against you.

Then abandon ship! Get out of there.

Alternatively, suppose you stopped with your window down and the crazy man puts a gun or knife to your head but you can't go anywhere. (Forgot to leave that space in front of you again, huh?)

Slam the weapon with either hand behind you and if you can reach his face do the KISS Method.

Don't open the door!

By now I hope you can se the pattern.

But as the saying goes, "An ounce of planning is worth a pound of cure." Some sensible habits can save your life by keeping you out of situations that would call for the KISS Method:

~ Keep space between your car and the one in front of you. This should always be the case even if you are not able to see the bottom of the back tires of the vehicle in front of you.

~ Keep car doors locked at all times. Always.

~ Look in the vehicle before getting in. This is especially important if you find you car door unlocked. If someone is in the back seat and you get in without looking, they will have a significant advantage over you when they put a knife to your throat or a gun to your head. A quick glance can save your life.

Should I Carry a Weapon?

Many people around the world are actually forbidden to carry weapons such as handguns or knives. Addittionally, there are many places where even if the weapon is not expressly forbidden, if you use it other laws apply that could result in you going to prison.

The handgun certainly is useful to have at home if you can get to it in the event of an assailant entry. However, it is pointless to have a handgun that has a trigger lock or is in a safe where you can't get to it in just a few seconds.

Additionally, you have to actually be able to hit a target with a bullet and be psychologically capable of killing someone. If this is the least bit questionable for you then do yourself a favor and do not bother even owning a handgun. You will only hesitate when it is needed while the assailant will not.

For the street, rely on non-weapon weapons.

By that I mean common objects that people normally have with them that are not seen as weapons.

Examples include a sturdy umbrella or, if you can justify your medical need, a walking cane.

Other non-weapon weapons you can carry anywhere include metal ball point pens or even a single long metal key on your key ring.

The target is the eye but, just as with the KISS Method, any harsh attack to the face causes flinching. That is what you want.

In a pinch anything hand-sized and hard, like a rock or a stapler or a ceramic coffee cup, can be effective non-weapon weapon. Slam it into the assailants face.

If you choose to carry a gun with you, do not expect you would ever be able to get it out in the event of an assault.

Instead rely on the KISS Method.

It it proven.

It works.

Stay legal and stay safe.

Part 3:

KISS: How to Train

The good news is not only that the KISS Method is simple learn, it is also simple to master.

You do not have to become a martial artist to learn the KISS Method. You can acquire the new habits required fairly quickly and will only need to reinfoce your skills from time to time to rely upon them.

More is better, but for survival purposes this is not a lifetime effort to learn or maintain.

You want to turn your startle-flinch reflex into a specific set of strikes and movements. In other words you want to create a new habit pattern.

Some training is better than no training.

Mental rehearsal (imagination training) is better than no training.

Regular daily training for three minutes is better than one-hour session weekly.

Training tense is better than training relaxed.

Training fast is better than training slow.

Training full force is far better than pulling your punches.

However there is a problem.

If you train with other people even with them wearing protective gear you will not be able to train full force.

Sooner or later you would severely injure or kill someone.

So the answer is:

Train full force but not on a living person.

Heavybags are found in most gyms. These have the feel of hitting a human body.

For the best possible effect, having a human-shaped dummy is best.

This will condition you to use the KISS Method against something that looks more like an assailant.

If you are going to train with live partners, understand that you will still need to parctice full force, full speed on either heavybags or a human dummy.

Otherwise you will end up only training to pull your strikes and kicks with less than all you can deliver.

Something is always better than nothing, but some things are better than other things.

Train honestly.

That is it and I hope no one will ever have to use it. PEACE LOVE AND BIG HUGS!!!! 
Hugs And Kissess: SissyMichele. I'm a boy in body, but a wittle girl at heart!


The flower pot of me:
Adam is the Pot. The outside shell but, nothing says you can put a ribbon around it hehe. Michele is the soil the center of which all my being is nurtured. Sissy Michele and Lil' Adam are the two flowers that blossems from them..

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Personally, I carry a weapon, but I think anything you can know to protect yourself is good.


While a weapon can be good the only problem is that you can be the one going to jail over it not the one trying to hurt you.

I seen its small writing for some reason but hold ctrl and scroll yer mouse wheel it will make it bigger.

It is all up there now and I hope no one has to used ANY of this. BIG HUGS !!!
Hugs And Kissess: SissyMichele. I'm a boy in body, but a wittle girl at heart!


The flower pot of me:
Adam is the Pot. The outside shell but, nothing says you can put a ribbon around it hehe. Michele is the soil the center of which all my being is nurtured. Sissy Michele and Lil' Adam are the two flowers that blossems from them..

A song that helps me get through hard times:
Artist: Enigma / Album: The Cross of Changes / Song: Retun to Innocence, track 3. Very Powerful Message.
Kawaii Pi
i was raised in a family of fighters myself. my stepdad is a third degree blackbelt and instructor in Tae Kwon Do, My older bro is a 2nd degree in TKD, 1st degree in Brazilian Jujitsu and training for UFC, my lil sis is a Senior red belt and is also taking gymnastics, and me, i hold 5 different black belts in 5 different martial arts (TKD, Kung Fu, Judo, Karate, and Brazilian Jujitsu) with 3 2nd degrees in TKD, Kung FU, and Karate. not everyone is as lucky as my family when it comes to this, but the only reason that i'm just picked on in school and never picked a fight with is because their probably scared cuz i wear my black belts to school yo intimidate the bullies. i would NOT live this lifestyle openly (reluctantly i might add) and not have prior training in case something came up as in rape or a fight, cuz both have already happened to me either way, i support the idea of having some form or self defense education on the site just in case some wack-job decides to mess with us...
 Hugs and kisses from Kawaii Pi! (Aura)
Sarah Candy Lee

 Personally, I carry a weapon, but I think anything you can know to protect yourself is good.  

most places have issues with concealed weapons especially outside of america

But other than that great idea great post for people who need it =)
thanks for adding something like this to sk
i should probably write something really profound =)
Your very welcome Sarah.

I know at least as CD we will have that 1st shock in a rape stituation of OMG yer a dude!!!! But thats just going to make him want to realy hurt you harder then after that shock wheres off and anger sets in deeper.

As said before I would hate for this to ever be used for any reason becuase it is such a negative thread and to read it on this wonderful site, don't help much too thats it's in pink lol but hey I could of change the color hehe. But sadly we live in a sad sad world with alot of meannies and it would realy make it sadder if any of my fellow Sissys would be hurt or worse killed over there happyness and others ignorance. So I felt I had to write it.


P.S. The world would be a much better place if all just stoped and hug a teddybear once in awhile  
Hugs And Kissess: SissyMichele. I'm a boy in body, but a wittle girl at heart!


The flower pot of me:
Adam is the Pot. The outside shell but, nothing says you can put a ribbon around it hehe. Michele is the soil the center of which all my being is nurtured. Sissy Michele and Lil' Adam are the two flowers that blossems from them..

A song that helps me get through hard times:
Artist: Enigma / Album: The Cross of Changes / Song: Retun to Innocence, track 3. Very Powerful Message.
I have actually been taught to fight by my father who is a former police officer and what you said is perfect for anyone with little or no training. However, once people start learning how to defend themselves everyone builds up their own techniques. I myself have found that I prefer a block and counter defense where I wait for him to attack, block and redirect the blow, and disarm or subdue my attacker using a mix  of judo throwing techniques and Krav Maga. It is also great you are encouraging palm strikes as opposed to using your hand. With the bones of the wrist followed by the bones of the forearm, you can pack much more punch if you do it right. There is also the fact that it allows you to block attacks more easily that way. Also I was a fencer for my local school team so I can say the best weapon you can have is a sturdy metal rod  that is narrow, such as a golf club. They are actually better than bats since you have much more force focused on a single point rather than being spread out. Not to mention golf clubs are typically much lighter than bats. If you know how to use them, it is possible to get your hands on a sword cane which is legal in most states. If nothing else it is good for intimidation and surprising your opponent. Oftentimes they realize you're not an easy target and run instead.

The one most important thing of all is to keep calm. The moment you panic is the moment you make a mistake. By keeping a clear head you can take the situation into account, devise a plan, and execute it much faster than if you just think "Ohfuck" over and over again. If they have a weapon, just remember it's just a piece of metal until it comes near you, no different from a spoon. 

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