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Oh, I am just such a little sissy fashion plate today! 

Well, maybe a little! Pink Pink I'm just wearing pink pink pink pink pink!!

Let's start with the tips of my toes......
I have on my new little pink satin China shoe/slippers that I just adore....along with a pair of sloppy socks, baby pink of course!

Moving up slowly.....I am wearing a terry diaper, embroidered with a sweet pink ABC, which I've folded in kite-style today with a terry bath towel as a soaker followed by a "pair" (really just one) of soft yellow translucent vinyl. Over that I have a pair of pink nylon panties, and over that I have on a pair of white lace-trimmed cuddle-duds longjohns which are as comfy as it gets....  

Then I put my pink onesie on, followed by my brand new pink satin romper with oodles of lace trim! It is just right for me! Because it's still a bit chilly in the basement where I have my cave I also have on a baby pink light wool scarf followed by my light pink bathrobe....

And to top it all off, I've put on a touch of reddish pink lipstick along with some blue/silver eye shadow.....and I couldnt' resist putting a little pink rose in my hair just for good measure!

My baby bottle of soy milk has some lipstick on the nipple now!! Little babies like me have trouble keeping their lipstick in the right place sometimes!!

Baby Wendy Marie has wet her diaper and is feeling oh, so happy and snuggly today in all of her prettiest attire......    And she just had to share her adventures with her special Sissy Kiss friends.....

Big hugs and kisses.......

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~*Christie Luv*~
Oh dear you are one bundled up baby!   It must be chilly over there!   What and adorable outfit and I'm sure the china slippers add the perfect touch! I'd love to be wrapped in a terry diaper with sweet pink ABC embroidery! Those sound so cute!
Should baby girls play with lipstick?
I think it's too dangerous for all those pretty clothes and cuddles (like you already found out) and even the pillowcase and blankies!!!!!
lipstick an babies not a good mix i know. my poor teddy had to go into the wash after i kissed him yesterday. plus nail polish is good for finger painting the walls (giggle) pink of course....
I Love Pink!!!! 
Sissy JJ is the only sissy pink thing in her village!
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