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This is one of my fav manga.

Pretty Face is a story involving many different types of characters which takes place mostly at the school the main characters attend, Seika high school. The main protagonist is Randou Masashi, a highschool student and a karate expert who harbors an unconfessed love for a fellow student, Rina Kurimi. One day on route back from a karate tournament in Hokkaidō, he is caught in a tragic school bus accident and burned beyond recognition.
Randou awakes from a coma one year later to find that he's been in the care of a doctor named John Manabe talented enough to reconstruct his body, though ends up using the closest thing to an identification found on his body as a basis to reconstruct his face - a photo of Rina.
Afterwards, Randou finds out that during his year long coma, he was mistakenly pronounced deceased, his parents moved away, and even his house was demolished. Once he has realized his old life is now gone and has broken down on the sidewalk in front of his former household, he runs into Rina by chance, and is mistaken for her missing twin sister, Yuna. After Rina takes him back to her house and presents him as Yuna, he proclaims to have amnesia in order to not arouse any sudden suspicions. Later, after seeing Rina in so much pain with having her sister gone, Randou decides to impersonate Yuna for the time being until he can find the real Yuna and reunite her with Rina and her family.
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Sounds cool, if ever have time, will go look.
You can find the entire series here
It sounds like fun nonsence- I may read it one day.

 You can find the entire series here  

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MSN appear to have disabled the group - spoil sports :-(
I love that manga its must read!
Twilight Starknight
hhehe sounds good and it looks good aswell hehe thanks for sharing
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Nobody wins when everyone's losing

I agree it is great I read and love it
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