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Sissy Baby Book
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We have written a number of books lately relating to ABDL issues and recently published the Joy of Bedwetting which is fairly niche, but popular. 

it is probably time that we wrote a book specifically about Sissy babies. it is a complex issue and I have avoided it because I expect a great deal of criticism and frankly, dont need that.

But if you have some thoughts and ideas about this proposed project, can you email me at which is easier than on this site (for me).

My baby is a Sissy Baby so I have some 'material' to start work on, but really need a lot more information and help.

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Hi, what information are you looking for? Or is it just any, or personal, or both? Before I email, it would help I know which first. I have no wish to waste your time or mine. I'm going to be busy for a while, but I would be more than happy to provide you with my own personal accounts of the lifestyle, what I used for information etc. once I have some free time.

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