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welp, hello there!!  my username isn't* necessarily referring to my name/pseudonym but you're welcome to call me "penny" i guess?

i'mmmm 20 years old, nonbinary, and very very entrenched in the sissy aesthetic-- particularly the abdl side of things. my fetishes are allllll over the place though, i'm into just about anything!!

i lurked this site for yearssss and finally decided to put myself out there!! the new layout is confusing me greatly tho. what the heck is...where's...what even is going on??

that being said, i look forward to...i'm not sure what i'm gonna even do here (as i'm a pretty atypical sissy, lacking certain equipment) but i'm happy to be here? ;u; i know i'm kind of an anomaly but please treat me kindly-- i'm just here to have fun and be frilly and cute and sexy like everyone else!

* my username refers to a social class from lurking dragon's scifi spanking/age regression universe, the "rejuve universe." google it if you care that much, lol :v
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~*Christie Luv*~
 Hi Penny sweetie! Welcome to Sissy Kiss! It's a website for sissies of any persuasion, but we have a lot of sissy babies here too hehe! The entrance just got a new post wall! It's overwhelming at first for someone used to the old layout lol, but it's cool once you know what it is. It brings every new post to you in one place. You can browse the whole site with the links in the left side bar.
 I'm totally understanding the need to connect with other sissies. I am the town fairy. I'm diapered and dressed like a pretty sissy daily. My wife keeps me dressed and diapered and shows me off to her friends. They delight in dressing me, diapering me and humiliating me. I love it. Only another sissy abdl would understand the joy we feel. Nice to share with you!
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, it is nice to meet you.

I hope you are enjoying yourself here.

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