PG Nine days as a girl.
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 This weekend my parents are going away for 9 days and I'll have the entire house to myself.

Now I plan to stay in and spend the entire 9 days dressed as a little girl but I don't know what I should while dressed up.

Any ideas of what I can do?

Just so people know I live in the country and don't have a car so going out is a no but being outside is ok.
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I am doing something similar over the weekend. Each morning I make a little list of what I like todo for the day, which is a lot of fun. I basically try to fullfill certain girly-goals each day.  
@ Mr_Fuzzums
  Could you give me some examples because beyond having an "acident", a tea party with my stuffed animals and watching Disney's Alice in Wonderland for the 100th time I'm drawing a blank.
Baby Butch
At some point you could dress as a diapered sissy maid and clean the house nicely before your parents come home. Drink from a baby bottle while wearing a diaper and some type of girls baby clothing like a nightgown.

I like to wear just a diaper and t-shirt around the house. Many accidents may occur in 9 days. You could go outside dressed as a little girl at some point.
@ Baby Butch
  Unfotunatly I was unable to pick up some diapers before they left so I'm all out. I also do not own a bottle. However the sissy maid part is doable minus the diaper. I'll probably just wear a thong on something.
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