XXX My newest video - sissy wee wee to sissy clitty
Hypnosis file to train your little wee wee into becomming a sissy clitoris
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Hi gurls, I would like to donate my latest video to the sissy comunity. I have been playing around with a text to speech video maker. My new video is called sissy wee wee to sissy clitty. It is a very powerful video and should not be watched if you do not want your little wee wee to become a clitoris. Mistress Lucy talks directly to your sissy wee wee and degrades and humiliates it, she convinces it, that life would be better if it were a clitoris. with voice and visual stimuli this video can cause your wee wee to shrink, it will also turn you into a 24/7 frilly pantie wearer. I have other videos and mp3s that i have made for myself. If there is enough interest i will share them here. Have fun sissys x
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