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I found this site from a search I did for spanking, I guess thats popular here.
Ilike to spank girls. Spanking a girl for peeing her pants is a fantasy of mine.
I love the little girl imagery too.

My question is, are their any eal females into this? It seems that most of the people here are trannys.

Anyway, I'd like to hear from a little girl that needs a firm daddy.
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There are some real women on this site, though they are in the minority, so I would advise patience if you are looking for that special someone ... Still, it might be worth posting in the adoption threads or just trying the forum chat and see if you can meet anyone for role-play (though people will not always state their actual gender in chat). Best of luck, and I hope you do manage to have a good time here :)
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Yes there are females here. Welcome to the site!
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