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I'm super excited about the new background for my sissy space. (that my awesome sis Hisnightingale found) So I wanted so mention it here and show it off. XD
A widdle Eevee baby is what I am, I'm too young to be a grown up, but someday I'll show what's on the inside.
Maybe I'm a Flareon, Cute but a temper like the fire inside my belly.
Maybe I'm a Vaporeon, Beautiful and graceful, but timid and shy on the inside.
Maybe I'm a Jolteon, Free spirited and fast like lightning.
Maybe I'm an Umbreon, a Loner that wants a friend.
Maybe I'm an Espeon, Someone who knows, but would never tell your secrets.
Maybe I'm a Leafeon, At one with nature, but loves others.
Maybe I'm a Glaceon, Cold to all but my best friends.
Maybe I'm a Sylveon, Cute as can be, but with secrets hidden under my ribbons.
I don't know who I am on the inside yet, but for now I'm just a widdle baby Eevee and that's all that matters.

Fryd fa yna uh dra uidceta sayhc hudrehk. Fru fa yna uh dra ehceta sayhc ajanodrehk. (If you can translate this you are just as much a geek as me  )
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