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New member here on the site.
Long time sissy & CD / TG.

I am originally from NJ, moved to AZ for 15 years.
Now live in Oregon since 8-8-15.

I am actually completely public about my Jessica side.
I have been dressed up in many places, in many styles now.
My particular favorite place is the Arizona Renaissance Festival.
I am flying back for a weekend at the end of Feb.

I am also happy to be the right size for many of the EGL fashions.
I am determined the get pics of me in my HUGE collection of clothes.

OK, enough of the boring pieces....
I love dressing up in the sissy dresses.
Now that I have a vast knowledge on how to shop directly in China, I want soooooo many more dresses!

I am only starting to like wearing diapers.
But I don't think I will ever like going pee or poop in them.
I just love the warmth & comfort of them wearing them to bed.
As well as masturbating in them & cumming.

I am also a huge fan of plastic.
I have a number of plastic incontinence panties I wear as normal panties.

My absolute favorite is to wear plastic panties (like I am now writing this) and lightly rub myself for long periods of time.
I can usually make myself squirt a nice load of just pre-cum and stay hard.
Of course the fun is trying to make as much pre-cum without blowing my full load.
Then, I just wear them in the shower, clean them off, dry them, and then I'm ready to go again.

Finally, I am mostly "straight". As I have always been attracted to women.
However... for some time now I have been really turned on by the Sissy Prissy comics. As well as the full, all-out sissy all dressed up.
If its just the right sissy, and we were both all dolled up, I probably would explore some areas I have never tried yet.
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Pink Balloon
A fello Oregonian sissy eh? 
Hiya Jessica! lovely to meet you sweetie. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful introduction. Your sissy nature sounds very similar to my own. Just can't resist sweet, frilly satin dresses - especially very short ones. I like wearing nappies and plastic panties too but, as you say, purely for the enjoyment (and humiliation) - not for use.  i have to say, that is an adorable photo - I'm very much hoping you do share more of you and your wardrobe in the future.
     I hope you are having lots of fun here and finding yourself very welcome. :-)
         Big hugs!
    MU-WAH!!! luv and hugs from Kay Kandyfloss   xxx
Hi Jessica, , nice to meet you, sounds as though you are enjoying life and having lots of fun, very nice. 
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss! Your history sounds a lot like many others have posted. I never tried the plastic pants without a diaper on first. I do know someone that loves it and has a plastic fetish. Enjoy yourself here on Sissy Kiss!
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