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 Well hi everybody . ~blush~ im  really shy and really need an Owner ~so im here kinda looking,
Really would rather belong  to a Lady who can take me in hand and make me useful .But anyone would do if they are strict and loving.
See i dont have a home  any more, so i need a new one with a closet for my wardrobe so i dont look scruffy when i go out to do what my Mistress will want me to do .
Ideally an mature woman needs a fulltime free maid, cook, housekeeper, personal attendant, secretary, footstool...whatever.i live now  24/7/365 female and relatively fearless. Experienced in BDSM/D/s scenes. Discreet, polite, well trained (i am told) . Need a Miss, a Couple, a  Master to think for me, keep me productive  and out of trouble.
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~*Christie Luv*~
 Hi sweetie! Welcome to Sissy Kiss hun! I hope you have fun being active here!

I hope you are also looking for a job at the same time because finding someone to live with can be a very long process. It needs to be someone you can be friends, or more than friends with, and someone you can trust. I wouldn't want a sissy girl to end up homeless. It happens all the time in today's economy though! Do you at least have a shelter to stay in? You may try googling for homeless shelters in your area.

Baby Butch
Best of luck finding a new place to live. The Webmissy is correct, always be careful what you do and who you are doing it with. There are a few bad people out there.

Welcome to Sissy Kiss, nice to meet you!
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