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A little gallery about me in tutu in the wood
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I want to show you my new gallery, showing me in tutu, in the wood.
I walked a bit with my tutu in this wood after making the photos to find another place to make more photos. Unfortunately, I eared a lot of vehicle in the area , so I stop and I change myself. But it was really good, and I'll make it again

Here the gallery
Gallery Images by alda
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Baby Butch
I tried to look at your Gallery but got this message:

Your search - - did not match any documents.

You might want to post the pictures in this thread using the image uploader. Pix Princess is no longer needed for that. Click the fifth Icon from the left above to begin.
I changed the link, it run now
There are a lot of photos, so I prefer to let them in the gallery instead of upload them here
Baby Butch
@ alda

Yes the link works fine now and there are many pictures. Great job posing in the leotard, tights, and tutu. I have many images on Pix Princess where I upload my older cappies.

The link in your signature works fine and I see many more pictures. I like the platter pink leotard with tutu the best.

@ Baby Butch
  Thank you

Unfortunately, I no long have this pink tutu, but I plan to buy another one in the next month
Except the two last gallery, all are old, but I really plan to make some new, with new leotard during the next month. It's just a question of time to earn enough money to buy everything :P
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