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Because a few folks asked...

My new avatar is not exactly sissified or even babyfied (and there are, alas, no diapers involved), but it is from one of my all-time favorite series of comic books from the DC/Vertgo line. It's called THE DOOM PATROL, written by the brilliant Grant Morrison. This picture introduces us to the "deviant villains" (who are far more interetsing than the heroes) known as "Mr. Nobody and the Brotherhood of Dada."

There is a wonderfully wicked and absurdist sense of humor with the stories involving the BOD. Sort of what I feel here at sissykiss at times.

Go. Seek. Enjoy. Trade graphic novel collections of THE DOOM PATROl or even better (as it stars a fabulous transvestite shaman named Lord Fanny), THE INVISIBLES.

[I may even write about THE INVISIBLES - with a shout out to - in another post].
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Whoops. Typo gremlin struck above.

Make that "DC/VERTIGO line" and "interesting."
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