All R New clothes! Check out my Onesie
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You know how some of us have the fantasy of getting stuck in a dress? Well, it ain't all it's cracked up to be!

Through a neat twist of fate, I am getting to visit my Auntie and Cousin this weekend. Well, Cousin had to work today, so Auntie took me out shopping. She's a thrift store queen, and I am growing up to be a thrift store princess!

Well, I gots TONS of new stuff ... purses, jackets, some cute tops, a lounging suit, a boater ... and I tried on about a dozen dresses. One was my size, I thought, but it turned out to be tight across the chest (and I don't even have boobs - what's up with that?) Through the changing room door as I tried to get it off, Auntie told me there were no other sizes of it. She said maybe it would be okay with a bolo over it. However, I had to tell her... no matter which way I twisted, the dumb thing was STUCK! She had to help me out of it.  : Sheesh, you'd think at 6 I could dress and undress myself. Regardless of the fact that I still wear diapers.

Okay - enough about that, cause this is the show it off section, right? Well, in the first store, Aunty pulled out this really cool.... umm, well, I dunno what it is on a growed up lady. On a baby it is called a "onesie". So of course I needed to get that! I gots some piccies here to show ya of it on me over my diapers.  : And I think some more piccies from this trip may just find their way to SissyKiss in the next week! I am especially fond of some I took in my new boater. I have new leggings under my dress in those as well. K - so, here's my new onesie!


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Baby Butch
Nice Onesie you have and thick diapers. It reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld where he wore a white ruffle shirt. (not a onesie, but ruffle sleeves)
I think it is a body suit if not worn by a baby like you.

Those thrift stores are great for inexpensive clothes. I even found adult diapers in the baby section. There was 4 packages with 8 diapers each for $2 a package. I told the cashier I was going to wear them and got a strange look, he he.
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