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I should have done this a while ago
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So I'm Pink Balloon, and I'm been interested in many things.

I started with an interest in balloons (still in my top (they're easily bought without question and just feel so good)), discovered my latent fantasy in bondage (I'd always felt strange seeing characters tied up, and eventually found out about it), then while watching a show about bondage discovered sissification.

I'm just as willing to see my partner tied up, as I am to be sissified, and I feel the same blowing up balloons, and using them for slight bumps ( ) as I am watching someone blow them up.

I found LiL years ago googling sissy captions, but just joined a few months ago.

I only recently started going out, and it's only been simply putting a few balloons in my chest late at night and walking down the street.

I hope we can all have good times, and I'm always open to any suggestions for anything.

EDIT: I probably should have submitted myself to punishment for being so late, no promise on anything but I'll try and do what I can.
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby who still wears diapers.

Pink Balloon
@ Baby Butch
Been here a while, and even made a few posts, I just now remembered to actually say something about myself.
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