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This is the clique for all widdle girls that Mummy, Nanny and babysitter has to take extra care to watch cause we likes to get into all kinds of things that good widdle baby girls should not...and then we get spanked or punished.

The difference is that we like it! - giggle -

(It's even better when they invite friends around to watch and help)

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OOH yes please, my mummy will take off my wet nappy and put me over her knee for a good spanking, i love to feel my hot botty and see the red hand marks. XXX
I'm sorry mummy I didn't mean to wet my panties

Cause we been so bad, Mummy is gonna take us to her women's club and spank our widdle bare bottoms on the auditorium stage.

Then to raise money for our further "education" in being a sissy, every woman there will be able to buy 50 swats on the bare tushy of her choice, while we are expected to go over her knee and cry, whimper and simper like the widdle baby girls we are with our pink frillies hitched up about our waists and our lacy panties around our lace-clad ankle socks.

It's 50 swats for a dollar and they need to raise alot of money, so I tink we gonna be there for a while.

 I need a spankie NOWWWWW!!!!

"OK!" says mummy "Miss Tamie Tinkles goes first to show you all how to take your medicine!"

She snatches Tamie forward by the arm and spins her round to face the curtain at the back of the stage. She then steps to Tamie's side and, in one smooth motion, whips Tamie's iddle frilly panties down and lifts her fluffy petticoats to show her smooth, rounded bottom.

"Oh my! I think we should all take a swat at this little peach for free just to get our swinging arms warmed up!" Mummy announces to the assembled women.

Tamie is lead to a special wooden device at the front and center of the stage. She is secured around her neck and hands in a bent over position. Her ankles are strapped in so that her legs are spread wide and an adjustable pad is raised to her tummy so that her succulent bottom is presented up and out, perfect for swats. The device is turned on casters so that people can see both her swatted bottom and her redening face as each women takes her turn (some take 2 turns). The women waiting in their seats, squirming to see such a pretty rounded sissy butt being so abused, and we sissies waiting our turn to take her place can see her tears and quivering lips and the dangling sissy clitty which is bouncing in time to each resounding smack that echoes across the hall. After the 30th flat, hard smack shivers her tender flesh, we begin to see clear sissy juice, a single drop which is dantily perched on the tip of her clitty.

"Pixie! Front and center!" calls out mummy "Tamie's doly is crying dear. Would you please kiss it to cheer it up...gently now you little monster. No biting just now."

"Okays Mummy..." I say, downheartened by her admonition.

As the women file past, I crawl into a special padded seat beneath Tamie's trussed up form. It takes a second to catch her bouncing clitty, but finally I am able to grab it and start cheering her dolly up.

To be continued...- giggle -

 oh my!!this is too humiliating!!!

"Jus relax Tamikiekins" Whispers Pixie between kisses and swats. "I peeked in her cuddle(Schluurp Smack!) toolkit and mummy(Schluurp Smack!)didn't pack her 'special pacifier', so it's gonna be(Schluurp Smack!)ok."

"OK Pixie dear, that's enough for now." Mummy laughs and winks to the ladies assembled."We don't want you getting all tuckered out because you're next."

With one last soft kiss to Tamie's dolly, Pixie slides out of the special seat and is lead to stand before the Squirming Tamie whose tush is almost glowing with the heat of shame and the rining slaps of wooden and leather paddles.

"Now baby girl, sing your song for the ladies while we keep time for you." Mummy says very loudly.

With cheeks aflame, Pixie begins to sing softly while doing the motions that accompany the song and swaying in her rather soggy diaper before the assembled and giggling crowd.

I'm a widdle Peepot, Pink and Soft and Sissy
Dis is me nappy, it's all wet and messy squishy
Mummy say I'm her widdle princess, so I make a wishy
Please change my nappy and give me a kissie

The ladies all laugh very loudly and the spanking of Tamiekins behinny stops for all the laughter. Then the laughter gets even louder becase, unknown to her, Pixie's nappy slipped down from the weight of wee wee until it's hanging about her knees and her widdle sissy no no is dangling out for all to see. She dares not move once she notices for fear of worse happening to her once she is on the spanking horse.

More to come and come again - giggle -


 The next thing tamie hears is the the discrption of the next sissy event!Which tail looks best plugged in the sissy!!!
we will keep trying tails until the crowd applauds the loudest!!!

As an added attraction, iddle SissyMichelle is brought out to dance and sing a little song for the ladies. She is told that if she does not get the required applause for her sissy dance and song, that she will be made to spank Tamiekins with a special paddle.

Tamiekins will be made to bend over so her sissy clitty is beneath her on a special metal spot on the whipping bench. The paddle has a grounding wire. The shockie will not be large, but it will be centered on her tushy and clitty. She will be blindfolded and have her ears covered, so she will not know when the swats will come.

If Michelle does not swat hard enough, she will trade places with Tamiekins and their mummies will be told.

Both had better do well at entertaining the ladies...

Meanwhile Pixie has been fitted with a heavy horses tail which has a plug base that is inflated to keep it firmly in place. She is made to dance and swing her tushy to make the tail swing and swish. The tail tickles her legs as it swishes round her knees.

Tamiekins is fitted with a cat tail that has a similar base.

Both tails also have another feature that neither is aware of.
With the press of a switch, they each deliver a quick shock at the inner tip of the base which is deep inside of each sissy. The shock makes them jump and twitch, which causes much laughter among the assembled ladies.

At the yelp that Tamiekins lets out, SissyMichelle stumbles a bit...I wonder if anyone saw her...

- during Tamiekins and Pixies little tail fashion show, someone in the audience shouts out "Make those two little girlie wannabes kiss for us!" Rowdy shouts from all corners echo as Mummy pushes us together by cupping her hands on each of our butt cheeks. Each time our lips are about to meet, someone presses the jolt switch in one of our tails. Meantime our dollies brush against each other with each electric spasm. Finally they allow us to kiss as some of the women are getting more rowdy and threatening to spank us horribly unless we carry it through. Mid-liplock, with our bodies (hands trussed behind) are pressed together, someone presses both jolt buttons at once. The result is a spectacular spasm which slams us together and causes us to both fire off fountains of sissy cream over the stage and each other. Distracted by the sound, SissyMichelle stumbles and falls on her well diapered rump. Laughter and jeers ring out as people remember the promised punishment...Meanwhile mummy has collected a large envelope from one of the ladies and is leaving up the aisle to the outside door. Oh goodness!! We have been left to these women's mercy! -

The three of us -    

"Now then" comes a strong female voice over the PA "We have one more widdle sissy playmate for your amusement...or is that abusement? (Giggle) Both I think...Anyways, Here is our main course....(Drum Roll) Little Lavander Lollipop!"

Cheers, jeers and laughter echo round the room full of women as a figure is lowered from above. Lavander has been painted up in an exaggerated women's makeup and has been dressed in the most silly, frilly, girly and exposing outfit imaginable!.

She is trussed up like a marionette with wires on her legs, arms, head and torso. She has had a large, nobbly zap plug inserted in her hoo hoo and told that if she resists, she will get zapped deep inside.

From above, four women play the puppetmaster and make her mince and prance about the stage and pose lavishly so that all assembled may admire her shapely bottom, her clownish makeup and her teeny tinkle which also has a wire attached that the puppeteers may use to raise or lower it, or tighten to make it stand out on its own.

For what seems an eternity, each of the other girls is lead up to her and made to bend from the waist to kiss her teeny clitty which is growing painfully purple from the puppetmaster's tugging.

They make Lavander pose in all directions for each kiss so that all may see the connection of lips to her clitty, the pigment of their red and pink lipstick that is left behind and the glistening trail of saliva as each withdraws for the next to approach.

They also playfully activate the zap plug during random kisses so that her hips thrust her clitty between the lips of the kisser whic elicits howls of laughter with each squeek she lets out.

They also zap Tamiekins and Pixie to make them gasp at the point of the kiss so that Lavander's Teeny clitty, which is becoming quite sore, is engulfed inside their warm mouths.

Then it's Lavander's turn. The process is repeated, kiss for kiss and laugh for laugh with her delivering the kisses to eah of the other sissy's teeny tinkles.

All the while that the mutual forced lovefest is happening, flashes are going off on cameras and several women are scurrying about for a good angle with their camcorders.

Finally, prior to the break for lunch, each sissy is paired off with another and made to sit on the floor before them. The sitting sissy must kiss and suckle the tinkle of the standing sissy as the standing sissies sing nursery rhymes and go through the motions.

Then they are made to switch places with their partners.

During the second half of the singing, Lavander cannot hold on to herself and gushes sissy cream into Pixie's face, lips and throat. The sining is stopped immediately as attention is called to this and Pixie is made to lick her twitching clitty clean and then to stand on public display with her feet apart and hands tied behind her back so that everyone can see what a sissy slut she is.

More to come after the ladies eat. (Pixie is full BTW - giggle -)

me no get spanke, no matter How bad i am!!!!!   :p
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