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The things us girls do for beauty hehe I am sitting here with tooth paste on my face cause someone told me it would get rid of pimples. I don't even know if it works but I feel so silly. *giggle* We'll see I guess.

Have you ever done anything funny in the name of beauty?
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Hi ChristieLuv,
Toothpaste on your face?
Lets hope that you never get pimples anywhere else!
He He, I can just see it now, sweet little ChristieLuv bent over, with her cute little bottie in the air, covered in toothpaste, giggle.
Perhaps we girls can make up a girly song about this, how about....

Hey Mr Pimple, you better take care,
ChristieLuv's got the toothpaste
And her bottoms all bare!  tee he

Sowwy ChristieLuv, wuvs you weally

Wuv from sissy Yasmin xxxx
~*Christie Luv*~
Oh you make me blush Yasmin hehe but ohmigoshie! It worked! My face is all cleared up! I just used regular colgate toothpaste, not whitening which might be bad for your skin. Using it as a mask would be too lol I dotted it on the pimple, layed down to sleep and when I woke up it is gone! They usually take way longer than that to go away without toothpaste which is like eek. *giggle* It might be cuz of the baking soda in it. It is a good thing to use if you don't have anything else but yay!
Wow really? I might have to try that.
nothing like that, but i find myself buying scented and moisturizing soap, so my skin can be smooth and sissy
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