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A search for two authors that helped me to become an AB...
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Nostalgia strikes this day before Thanksgiving. I'm trying to find out what happened to two AB authors (or their websites/stories) that inspired me once upon a time.

The first one had his own website over eight years ago and published a lot of stories: LarrBear (at one point he was called "LarryBear"). One of his stories was called "The Nursery" and was a member of that sub-genre involving robotic diaper-changes and nurseries. LB's stories were more about the joy of using (or being forced to use) diapers, and did not have any heavy sexual content. He also published quite a few age-regression stories.

The second author was either called "LuzRoja" or "RojaLuz" (aka, "Red Light") and published two or three chapters of an amazing tale called "Teen Baby." It was about a bully who gets sent to a dominant male psychiatrist for some special treatment. Turns out the "treatment" involves "special diapers" (they stimulate you when you use them), a lot of masturbation, cum-sucking, nudity, and sissy-training. RojaLuz's story was obviously much darker in tone in relation to LarrBear's tales.

Any thoughts? And memories? I cannot find any (current) trace of these two (or their works) via Google and other search engines.

Thanks in advance for any help...
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