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Hi, all!

I thought maybe you might want to know that Carole Jean just posted my latest installment of Lipstick Discipline. You find it in her updates page at:

Just so you know, I was looking through my Lipstick Discipline files in preparation for the final installment and was kind of shaken by how much stuff I've created in telling Greg's story.

So far I've got:
- 44 chapters
- nearly 400 pages of text
- 95 illustrations

This most recent installment has 100 pages of story and 32 illustrations. Even I was surprised when I started counting the numbers.

The final installment currently has more than forty pages. I've got five illustrations done. It is nowhere near completion, however, so don't get too excited. I expect it to have nearly one hundred pages and at least twenty illustrations.

The good news is that I'm excited and working on it during all of my free time, despite another doggone sinus infection. (Daphne's health has been a huge hindrance, I'm sad to say ...)

As to what happens after Lipstick Discipline, I also have plans to revive the Petticoat Detective series with a whole new cast of characters. That project is on hold until I finish my current projects, of course.

Meanwhile, I want to thank everyone again for their patience and their attention. Lipstick Discipline has hit a nerve with many readers (yes, it's a mystery to me considering my pedestrian art skills) and it is nice to read all of the complimentary email.

Carole Jean, by the way, is the best!!! Her generosity and hard work is so awesome. Just wait until you see the layout of this latest installment. I am so lucky to have her post my silly stories and drawings. Please support her and give your thanks!

Here's an image from the latest adventure (I hope!)

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Just Jessica
Ive been following this story for a while actually, is quite enjoyable, thanks for notifying!
When you posted this the other day, I began re-reading from the beggining, and I don't know what it is, but something about it has changed. I'don't mean that the story has changed, just my feelings about it. The first time I read this story (what was there anyway) I loved it, It was well written, enjoyably and facinating. But for some reason, upon reading it the second time thru, I find that I'm not realy enjoying it much. Don't get me wrong, this is an excellent story, but that seems to be the problem I'm having with it. I can't help but HATE the injustice carried out by Greg's/Pamela's mother. I have absolutely no problem with her use of Petticoat Punishment, but rather my problem is with the fact that she only treats Greg like she does, but not David. At this point I would like to point out that I myself am a older sibling, and know first hand how it feels to be singled out because of it. It's just so unfair, and to make matters worse the mother is compleatly sexist. I can't help but feel this way either. All of my teen/adult life I have always considered all people as equal, regardless of gender, appearance, racial background, ethnicity, religion or sexuallity. So when I read a story like this, with so much potential for greatness, it trully angers me because the characters feel real to me.
I guess I'm probably just being far to sympathetic toward Greg for my own good, but then again, isn't that the point?
I am still going to keep reading on because it is a good read and I would never forgive myself for not finishing it, but I will have to read it in bits, and mabey read/watch something else afterward to calm myself down.

Thank you for sharing your story.

P.s. Despite my other reservations, I love the illustrations. They are exceptionaly well drawn and compliment the story nicely.
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Daphne Childress
Patience, dearest Anna. Dave will play an important role in the next installment. I think many of your concerns will be addressed.

I'm pleasantly surprised to hear similar comments from other readers as well. It's as though they feel Greg is a real person. Thank you for your wonderful comments. I feel like I'm on the right track.

In case anyone is interested, I've also a fun little series of illustrations on Flickr as well.

@ Daphne Childress
  Daphne, that page is "no longer found"! I realize it's been a really long time now, but do you think that you could just publish what you've written so far? Maybe if you do, it will 'unlock' any blocks currently keeping you from achieving your grand finale to this truly epic tale. I would personally like to see Greg become Pamela full-time, accepting this amazingly broadened sexuality, and I'd love to see Pamela accept that sexuality in the form of a relationship with a young man... her young man. What a fitting end; negating her mother's influence by bravely going ahead into HER new life!
baby amy lee
Daphne, your secret garden was simply wonderful and I am delighted that you are still continuing your great tradition.
I have been to this website and read each part.

 Ive been following this story for a while actually, is quite enjoyable, thanks for notifying!  

Wonderful story when will it continue ?
Baby Butch
I have been to this website to read some of the story too. I made some cute cappies with the images that ended up being deleted as underage. I also like some old stuff by Mary Beth Sanford.
Hi! I
've been following Lipstick Discipline for YEARS. Isn't it time for you to finish it? Or are you waiting for someone to come along and 'adopt' your story?  I'm not trying to imply anything here, but I AM asking as to what you'd like to see. As for me? I can't wait t see Pamela lose her virginity to some nice, manly fellow. Maybe even a grown guy. Either way, it oughtta be interesting!
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