PG The Lady Of Night & Day (My Master Work Of Art)
A Masterpiece Of It's Own Right. (Gothic Art)
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I have been wanting to share this picture for a very long time. But I was never quite able to get a photo of it, and it is not easy to get a picture of it, since the picture is framed with glass to protect the picture itself.

It is not a painting, even though it looks like a painting. I can assure you that it is not. I originally was trying to do the face of the Crow from the original Crow Movie. I began to do face first, then work on doing the eyes, as I came to do the lips, they began to look like a woman's lips, but I did not correct it, I on the whole wanted to do the art work without trying to make too many corrections, if at all possible.

I then did the image of the crow itself. (The Bird) I wanted it to be part of his face, but not to covre it looking like it was a mask. So it just came over the forehed and the nose.

I tried to do the head, it became more helmet shaped, as I did it and I was determined not to make any corrections. Apart from any ones I felt to be minor, now I know that the other mistakes may seem major, in a way they wee, but I kept on going, then I did the hair next, it turned out even longer than the movie charactor's hair, now my face looked more like woman's face than a man's.

But the moment I began to colour in the head part which I decided was going to be a helmet type of thing anyway, then I noticed that the hair was not how I wanted it, I had used a wax crayon for the hair, but it was not showing up right. so I added pieces of black card that I added later.

I used wax crayon, cream colour for the face, red ball point pen for the makeup around the eyes. Felt tip pen for the colour of the eyes. The whites of the eyes, I will come back to later. I used red pencil for the lips then shaded the colour in with my fingers, as I used blendable colouring pencils.

I used perminant marker pens for the aura that surrounds the head. I wanted to do a pendand around the neck, what I drew looks not like a pendant or a star exactly, but it is nearly star like and an odd design, since it was an odd character face that I had ended up doing, the star like pendant around the neck was a perfect compliment to the whole oddness of the whole image.

I had accidently gone other the white dots that was going to be the white of the eyes, I tried white wax crayon, but that did not show up too well, so, I decided to use typex/correction fluid. I used a needle to dip into the fluid, then carefully let a drop of the fluid drop in the centre of each eye, it twook up to two drops to get the near solid and almost 3D like look.

Which I did not notice until after I got the whole picture framed, I used a big piece of card that the face was drawn on and coloured in. The correction fluid is so striking and nearly makes it as though the eyes are following you when moving to and from the image.

The effect of the whites of the eyes, was more than I could have ever asked for. The over all picture could be classed as abstract art. Though one can clearly see an actual face and it does not seem all that abstract to me.

But the image is open for anyones own individual interpritation. To me, the image has a very Gothic like quality to it and therefore, to me I call it Gothic Art. As that feels right to me personally.

No matter which way you look at it, to me the whole art work is a Master Piece, to me personally it is, it took me 5 weeks to finish it, and another week to get it framed.

Because no paint was involved, paint ages, so does marker pen and felt tip pen colour, but I would like to think or at least hope, that because it is not paint, the image will retain its colour for longer than oil or any other paint in a painting would.

The picture hangs in my hall way, though I had to hang it on my bedroom wall to get a photograph of it, taking the photo of it with a flash, which was the only way I could get a good enough quality shot of it, I did try to use a setting without the use of the flash on my camera phone, but the end result was that I could be seen in the reflection of the glass that covers and protects my artwork.

The only way I could in the end get the photo not have me seen in reflection was to use the flash. So please bare that in mind before commenting about the quality of the image. I got it to as best that I could manage it. Thank you.



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