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Can anyone else log in on iPhone? Before the upgrade, that used to be my primary means of logging/posting. I can still view the site from my phone, but not log in. Anyone else have this problem and hopefully a solution?
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~*Christie Luv*~
Hi! I was able to log in with my iPod Touch 4th generation, which is almost identical to the iPhone, but without the phone.

Are you trying to log in with your username, or email, because for the past week the site was set to log in with your email, but recently I set it back to where you log in only with your username, and password. So try logging in with the username and password.

Also, now you log in at the entrance page. You don't log in at the forum anymore. This is the page to log in:


Also you may like to know, right now I'm making a Sissy Kiss app for mobile devices! Which will be a lot more easy to browse with iPhones.
I've tried every means to log in and my phone doesn't want to, maybe it's because my phone isn't set to accept cookies, I should probably try that next. Anyway, I also noticed that internet explorer 9 can't post, I've had to use firefox to type this. Weird.
"I sort of felt like a sissy."
Southern Belle-Poopy Princess
i have an iphone 3 and it still works fine though i don't use it much to view this site as the text is hard to read :)
as for IE9 i'd say don't use IE anymore unless absolutely necessary, Google Chrome is far better now as far as speed/reliability and Firefox as far as being very customizable

- accepting cookies, mine is set to Accept Visited and it still works :)
you wouldn't be able to stay logged in if you didn't atleast have that set.
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