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Meee saying hai.
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Hi I am Nathie I am pretty random and I love hello kitty and cute things oh and pop tarts and lucky charms even though they are like 7:50p a box in like English money. I love pretty Lolita dresses and gothic looks and also Japanese street fashion. At one point I was collard and owned but that mum my passed away and I love to please and show affection. I think that family and friends are the greatest gifts in the world. I also like to write romantic things like letters and poem’s. well that’s all I got to say for them moment hope you like what you read.
Stay pretty everyone.
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Hello Nathie:

First, sorry to hear your mum passed away. You have my condolences.

Sounds like you're a cute and expressive young girl! Lolita dresses, Gothic and Japanese cosplay fashion and Hello Kitty fit in well with the Little Girl spirit that a lot of us have.

I think you'll like it here. So from one young girl to another, welcome aboard!


Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby.
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