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ok not sure if this is the correct place to post this so im sorry if it has to be removed. but anyways..........

i recently read an artical in my local newspaper which was an artical on why some guys feel like girls and you guessed it, its all to do with chromosones.

ok we all know that we all start life in the womb as girls and at this stage we all have an X chromosone (yes it's Mrs X and Mr Y, not the other way around)
, and at later stages we get another chromosone, either another X or a Y.
So girls are XX and guys are XY. doctors and scientents have now discovered that some times some men are born with an extra X chromosone making them XYX. reasons for this are still unknowen but this 'condition' has been given a really long name which i cant pronounce let alone spell.

dunno if it supports the cause or if anyone will find it intersting.......

its kinda strange cos i also saw a news report on the worlds youngest transgender child, hes 8 years old, and is now a she.

who knows? mabey thier on to something with this chromosone idea???
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I subscribe to the theory that most transgender/transsexual people are the result of improper doses of or missed hormones during key early fetus development.

Also in genetics it does not matter the order in which you list the Y, so XYX is really more often listed as XXY. Here is an article on this disorder:
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