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PG My Instant Girly Boobies -FEMINI JUST FIT VEST review
For your reference and/or interest, I have included the link below. Go ahead and try it ladies!
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As you all may know, I am a young transgender (pre-op) that wants to be a woman but not yet considering going under the knife.  And one of the things I needed badly were Breasts!!! I needed breasts! I needed breast ASAP! This was a struggle as I wanted instant results that did not hurt in any way. So I began my search online and stumbled upon a so called FEMINI JUST FIT VEST

This product has a lot of claims such as elasticity and strength capable of fitting anyone of all shapes and sizes, gives you cleavage, gives your body shape and contour, etc.

Summarized, this is a pre-op trans-gender’s answered prayers!

It has a price tag of $430 but it is definitely worth a shot. It’s either I win or lose but what the heck, life is a gamble right? Fast forward, I have received my FEMINI JUST FIT VEST after about 15 working days. I ordered ST-4 since I am just a little “girl” with a cup D.

On to trials! It takes a bit of an effort to put this vest on as it hugged my skin tightly. I had to have my mom pull it down for me. At first, I felt constricted and “artificial”. I could feel the silicone with every movement but eventually it felt more natural and somehow adjusted to my body type. Paired with my alluring black leather top, I looked like a hot bombshell (see my pic below)! Just try and use proper make-up for better blending. My mom also praised my cleavage! ;)
This product is for keeps! I personally would use it for a night out but not on a daily basis as I tend to sweat a lot during the day thus making this vest sticky and slightly loose. Definitely a must have for every trans-girl.

For your reference and/or interest, I have included the link below. Go ahead and try it ladies!
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