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Hey I is a kitty-cat
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I registered here some months ago, but then my internet connection got shut off. I didn't get a chance to properly introduce myself, so here goes:

I'm Star. Or Kitty if you prefer.
I am an adult baby-sissy boy/girl. And a babyfur too.
I love being a little kitty-cat.
I absolutely LOVE Hello Kitty; I've even got the Hello Kitty branded plastic assault rifle!
I love being cuddled inside my beautiful furry blanket.

That's about it, really. Good to meet y'all!
Hello Kitty can never be taken too far...
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Welcome aboard (again)!

So, you like being a little kitty-cat? Why not? Kittens and grown cats are wanted and loved and people like to cuddle them. My real life sister in law has two grown cats and a still-growing kitten.

I haven't been to any toy stores lately, so the idea of a Hello Kitty plastic assault rifle is a new one on me. But then, we learn a lot from our newcomers :)

Sorry to hear you lost your internet connection last year. Hope your access problems are over and you can stay and play with us here in ye merrie SissyKiss.

Sitting here in front of my 'puter's monitor and keyboard wearing a warm wet diaper on a Thank-Goodness-Its-Friday morning,


Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, I love hello kitty too and have seen the assult rifle and other toy guns. Enjoy being a kitty cat!
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