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You can call me Saucey and I'm a sissy (Hi Saucey!)

Honestly I don't know how well I'll fit in here, I haven't accepted this part of myself as enthusiastically as most of the other members seem to have. I don't have any motivation to take on permanent changes or change my male lifestyle. I like being a guy, I love getting dirty or being messy and not giving a ****, I love being strong and brave and most importantly, I love girls, and I desperately want a girlfriend.

But I won't be ashamed of this other part of me any longer, I want to move past it, and I think the first step is to accept it and integrate every part of me. Normally, I won't even think about being petticoated or sissified unless for sexual arousal, it's like this other person inside me that I've tried to change and deny my entire life, and it hasn't worked so I want to try a new strategy. I still don't know who I am really, or who I may become as I explore this aspect of myself, but I'd still like to get to meet you all so at least I don't feel like I'm alone with issue anymore. I think it might be relieving for me to have a place where I can act out all my feminine energy. I'll find out, won't I?  
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Hello and welcome from Sissy JJ, have sissy fun here! 
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Each of us progresses at thier own speed and personal needs. I know from personal experience that accepting who you really are is the most important breakthrough.
  a Big Warm Welcome to Sissy Kiss dear . I just know you,ll Wuv it here . Have loads of FUN .  
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
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