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Hi, I'm Madeline Octavia Gardener, but you can call me Maddie for short if you want to.

I play as a kindergarten-aged girl when I get tired of being a grown-up. I'm shy sometimes, but I'm really fun once you get me to open up. I can also be really stubborn, but I mean well. I like wearing diapers, even though I'm supposed to be a big girl. My favorites are Goodnites, because the prints are really really cute. They also keep me dry when I have accidents, which I know I'm not supposed to but sometimes I can't help it. Put me in dry Goodnite, turn on some MLP, and I'll be the happiest little girl in the whole wide world.

Please please please message me if you want, okay? I love talking to and meeting new people!
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby. I like to wear a diaper too and baby girls clothes are preferred to boys. 
I make captioned piccies if you like them. Check out the Storytime Forum for great stories.

Hello Madeline:

I like diapers too! The last few days, I started my day by putting on a Depends Max Absorbency Pull Up Underwear for Women and getting it nice and warm and wet. If feels so good! I identify as a happy, well adjusted 8 year old girl. I love the look and feel of short pleated skirts. Wish I had more chances to go out and about dressed as a young girl.

Sissy sweetness and love,

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