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I'm Nightmare.

I like diapers. Some wearing but mostly making girls wear them. I like stories with with strong gender domination elements.

Also while I'm here I figure I'll ask a question. I tried to post a story awhile back but it told me It would be reviewed by an admin before being posted. It doesn't show up in the "my Thread" and I'm worried I may have left without sending it. Which would be terrible because I have no other version of that story.
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissykiss, glad you could join us! If you posted a story in Storytime Forum it is reviewed. You should have gotton a message telling you this after submitting. A moderater reads it and decides if it is ok to post. A story is usually posted within a day or two.

If you still can't find your story click Contact at the bottom of the menu and ask the Webmissy about it. Baby Butch
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