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ok well just some brief info to start with; my parents are both diverced so i switch between houses every month or so...or at least i used to.

Today, whilst at my father's, i had decided to finally tell him about what i've wanted since i was ten (to be at least female, let alone the little girl i love being sometimes) and...well pretty much i can now only live with my mother. i am thankful that he isnt going to tell my mother because he thinks it'll break her heart which i really dont want either and so it's made out that it was just an enourmous fight. i wanna tell my mother but after the reaction my father gave i really hate how my mind starts thinking about what might happen now  

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Do not hate your mind, your thoughts are innocent are they not? Bad things cannot be avoided in life it is up to you to overcome, you are not wrong here- you'll always find support here if nowhere else.
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Pink is totally spot on, and I'm proud of you for finding the courage to be honest with your father
about how you feel with everything. You assume that your mother will share the same feelings of disappointment
but that may not be true... don't fret- if worse comes to worse at least you gave yourself that chance
and in my book that makes you a winner.
How you tell someone is important, "dropping a bomb" usually isn't the best method. It's human nature to be overwhelmed by something big like that. When fed in little baby bites, it is easier for someone's mind to get around the idea. Feel your mother out about it over time. Make comments about things you see together that relate somewhat to your situation, this is an opportunity to get your mother's reaction to these things too. This can help you to better frame your eventual coming out.

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