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what amount of hair is 'right' ?
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i've been thinking about removing some of my body hair as i don't think it looks very sissy? .. but i'm not sure of the best ways and, to be honest, how much of it to take away?

.. knowing my luck, it would grow back at different speeds for differnt areas and i'd look like a patchwork quilt!

does anyone have any advice or suggestions about methods or where to start / stop please???
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Have you tried Nair? it's not a permanent solution but it's still amazing.
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thank you for your reply !

yes i have tried nair - but on my 'nether regions' - it pays to NOT to leave it on too long and beware of any open nicks that may have reulted from previous attempts to shave!!!

.. in fact that's the just the sort of thing to do if i've been naughty, i suppose?!

i think the problem is i'm never brave enough to take off as much hair as i think i should?! .. in the past i've tried a bit of my legs and pubic region - but i'm not sure what is 'acceptable' for a sissy????
You could use an epilator.
A much better method than using a chemical like Nair.
An epilator is a hand held device with a small revolving spring that pinches hair
between its coils and pulls hair from the roots.
You first cut the hair to about 1/4 inch long and then use the epilator.

LINK to ebay:

Can be used anywhere the hand held device can get a grip on hair.

The first few times you use the device it is not that pleasant - but with more
frequent use the hair becomes easier and easier to remove and less painful.

I have used mine successfully on my arms, legs, back, chest & groin area.
Regrowth of hair is minimal and easily taken care of with frequent use.

The really permanent way to remove hair is electrolysis - expensive and very time
consuming with a small degree of pain.

A faster way is with a laser although it may take a few months for almost total
hair removal. Since hair grows in different cycles several appointments are
required to remove hair by this method. This is not without a small degree of
pain - like a rubber band being snapped on the skin with each zap. Usually done
in small patches (areas) at a time.

And of course the first and last resort is to use a tweezers - but this could take
like forever and the damn hair continually grows back and hair pulled in some
places is painful and may cause red pimply marks for a short period of time.

A doctor could prescribe a hormone medicine to reduce hair growth but there
may be other unwanted side effects.

So hair removal by most any method is with some pain but well worth it to have
smooth skin. Just about all methods require continual maintenance.

Never knew about the epilator, usually I'm set to use a good razor and trim in a long warm shower session. At first we reserved it for the winter so I would be covered up most of the time but eventually the excuse of swimming became more and more acceptable as it's done to reduce friction. No matter what there are some side effects and personally I would always take manual removal over Nair, it just burns so badly at times. Either way with enough time and dedication it's easy to get it done and keep the time spent minimal.

If you need to hide it from others I'd say trim just higher than your shorts go and I prefer to be in a warm / hot shower to make your lower parts have an easier time and take less cuts / burns.  
I may look into an epilator now, but I've always used rather Veet and then a body razor. Nair I've had issues with being too harsh and causing irritation, where Veet for me was not only more effective. It didn't burn. Though I'll only use it if I've slacked off on shaving for a bit.

For shaving, use a body razor. Don't use the same razor you use for your face or you'll wind up with a lot of irritation and razor burn. Rinse the razor with every or every couple of passes depending on the density of your hair. Exfoliate your skin GENTLY with a loofa after you're done to remove dead skin and reduce ingrown hairs. Then one you're dry, apply body lotion and air out naked for a bit.
If you really want to get hardcore about hair removal, electrolysis is the way to go. It is painful (especially above and below the lip, yowza!!) but it is also the only permanent hair removal method there is. My face has much less hair now. I'm so happy!
 I tryed that NO NO Hair removal and love it. Pain free quick and ez many attachments for everywhere and hair dont grow back quick at all. As far as where and how much well don't know what you can and can't get away with. Start slow with body hair most men shave chest and back hair anyhow. Arms is another good thing just tell em got tierd of it getting pulled when taking off shirts and such if got hairy arms. Legs and pits are the hard to cover up unless you have thin or light hair to begin with. Trust me tho OMG its so nice not having hair tho yer cooler in the summer and everything feels like its new. Im talking like a pair of pants you always wear will feel like you never worn em at all lol. 
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