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Online Free chastity site.
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I havent seen any post about this site. I just found it last night.
its pretty neat the way it works, either you or your mistress can set up a min/max amount of time and there can be penalties for checking the amount of time left. basically you put the keys to your chastity cage into a realtor lock box (Home depot $30). randomly set the combination and then submit a picture of it. and once your time is up youre allowed to view the combination you posted. make sure you have a clear picture. its kind of tricky and takes a few times.

theres also a voteing style setup you can add or subtract from other users time. it turns into a fun game

I did mention its free, however there is a catch you have to get two people to click on a link they send you so thats where im going to need youre help :D

this link will show you how to sign up

much love.
i know it will say ive only been in a short time, but i was already in mine for a week so have mercy comrades
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Very interesting and inspiring.
What a cool concept, thanks for sharing. I hit the "roulette" button for you, hopefully it took a day off instead of adding two. If you sign up, can you set it so that others can't add time to you? what I mean is, can I set it so that I'm out in a week regardless of what others try or do you have to allow others to add/remove time? Also, when changing the combination on your lockbox, is it possible to set the combination and take a picture without seeing what the combination is? I've got a freakishly good memory for numbers (I still remember the combination to my high school locker and that was about 17 years ago) so I would probably still remember it after a week or two.

it's going to be luck to see if the picture came out clear, just make sure the room is well lighted, and the camera is in focus. most cameras auto focus anyways. you change the voting time to zero prohibiting voters butyou still needto people to click on that link
good luck
links broken
looks fun i might have to try it.
Haha, I love this! I love the 'randomly add a random amount of time to a random member' button!
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