PG where can i find lockable baby girl style mary jane shoes?
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im wondering if anybody knows where i can find some lockable mary jane shoes not the kind with the high heels but the baby girl style kind with a slight bit of a heel just enough of a heel so that you can here that click clack click clack sound that all baby and little girls love to hear when they walk. Also does anybody know where i can also find a cute adult sized baby style stroller that is made specifically large enough especially for sissy babies and abdl's if anybody has any information please let me know.
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i would try the sissy store. they have tons of stuff like that. And also, if you look at the side bar with all the main site links, there should be one called affies. On that page there are many sissy stores that are meant for specific things, such as shoes or appliances such as strollers! I hope you have fun looking at the pages and pages of sissy shoes! BTW, make sure you have some frilly socks to go with your shoes ;) Im not sure if you are an ab girl, or a little sissy, but sissy stores do usually have the wear for both. I also noticed you like anime, manga, and video games, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAASSSE message me. Would love to talk :3
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Where can i find the sissy store?
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