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Cream Eyeshadow
A Cream Eyeshadow is a well, cream. You squeeze it out of a tube, or dip out of a jar and apply. When it dries it will become a powdery texture.You have to watch out for creasing though but usually running your finger over your eye will smooth things out. For the brightest color possible, put on the cream eyeshadow, then put a matching powder eyeshadow on top of it. Voila. I like M.A.C paints because the colors are so bright and pretty.
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~*Christie Luv*~
How to Apply Eye Makeup - applying eye make up

Before applying eye makeup, it's always a good idea to use a concealer to hide dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. Choose a shade of concealer that's slightly lighter than your natural skin tone. Don't use too much and blend it in well.

Apply the eye shadow color in several thin layers, blend well. Put the sheer color on the center of your lid with a sponge applicator or pencil.

Next, brush up and out toward your brow, then nose. Use an eye brush if possible. Apply a deeper shade of color to the outer corner and crease of your lid.

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Highlight Your Eyes

To highlight eyes, add a lighter shade of the same color of eye makeup to your brow bone.
Outline and Define Eyes

Outline the top and bottom of your lids with an eyeliner pencil. You can make short, close little dots with your eyeliner instead of a straight line. Smudge the dots or line lightly from the inner corners to the outer corners, if you want a softer line.

Make Thick Eye Lashes

For great looking eyelashes, go over lashes first with an eyelash separator comb. Apply a thin coat of mascara to lashes (If you don't have many lashes, you may want to do lashes individually). Re-comb your lashes immediately after you apply the mascara. Let them dry, then repeat the process.

Removing Eye Makeup

Eye makeup should be removed with a cotton ball or swab that has been soaked in makeup remover. Makeup remover pads are good too.

Remember to be gentle and don't rush. Be especially careful when removing mascara. You can gently rub the underside of the lashes until they come clean.

How To Create Beautiful Smoky Cat Eyes
By Joanne Elliott

It is easier than you might think to create professional looking, ˜sex kitten, smoky eyes. This vampy look can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish. The tips below will create a more powerful look in black, but to achieve a more understated look simply select light grey, burgundy or dark khakis instead.
Remember, a lot depends on your skin tone and hair color, so why not try a few different tones to see which suits you best?

Ingredients for powerfully sexy eye makeup:

* Black eyeliner - pencil. Ensure that it is sharp.
* Black eyeliner - brush. The thinner the liquid eyeliner is the better.
* Eye shadow brush. Thin stumpy bristles are best to maintain control.
* Dark eye shadow. Irridescent rather than flat matt (too hard), or shiny (too messy).
* Highlight shimmer for under the eyebrow. Avoid garish looking ˜high glitter.
* A good eyebrow pencil. Try to select the most natural shade for you as possible.
* Eyelash curlers.
* Black mascara. Obviously choose a quality brand to avoid clumping and ˜spider eyes.

Step-by-step instructions for smoky cat eyes:

* Apply your foundation, under eye concealer and powder.
* Using your black eyeliner pencil, start from the front corner of your eyelid. Draw a soft smudge line to the end of your lash line.
* Use your eyeshadow brush to apply the dark eye shadow over the top of the smudged line for a soft smoky look. Ensure that the edges are neatly blended.
* Then take the brush eyeliner and apply as close to your lashes as you can on the top lid only. Make the line as thick and pronounced as you wish, but make sure that the line is thickest at the outer corner, and thinner as you go inward.
* Apply another smoky coat of eye shadow with the brush to blend the harsh edges.
* Subtly blend your darker eye shadow up from your lashes to your eye crease. Then apply a shimmery highlight in white or cream under the outside corner of your eyebrow.
* Use your eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrow curve more pronounced.
* Curl your eyelashes, then apply thin coats of mascara, building the layers up gradually to avoid clumping.

Congratulations! You have achieved guaranteed show stopping impact! You go girl!

How To Apply Fake Eyelashes

Applying fake lashes is best left to your makeup artist, but with a little patience and practice, you too can master this art. So don't try it five minutes before leaving to a big party. Andrea lashes are great and they are available inexpensively at the drugstore.

Keep a piece of paper handy to hold the lashes, and a magnifying mirror, which makes the job a lot easier.
Using a tweezer, dip the base end of the lashes into the glue, then place the lashes as close to the baseline of your own as you can, filling in wherever you want the greatest impact (generally, the mid to outer lashes look fabulous in false lashes). Press gently, but firmly with something blunt. Hold the lash in place for about 5 seconds until the glue has a chance to hold.

Let the glue dry, and then apply a dark eyeliner to camouflage the line of the fake lashes and then apply your mascara. The mascara will help blend your own lashes with the fake ones, and make your eyes look fuller and larger.

To remove, gently pull them off with tweezers.

The Perfect Lash

The final touch to your eye makeup is the lash. Try to always use an eyelash curler. It will make your eyes look wider, more alert, and more youthful. It's like an instant eye lift. Always curl lashes befor applying mascara.

* Lightly powder lashes to give mascara a coat to cling to.

* Heat eyelash curler with hair dryer for a few seconds. It will act like a curling iron for the eyes.

Hint: Curl twice for a rounded curl. Place the open curl near the lash roots and arrange your lashes between the two rims. Squeeze gently for thirty seconds. Squeeze again at mid-lash for another thirty-seconds. It looks very natural.

* Give upper lashes a second coat of mascara, concentrating on the tips by stroking the brush horizontally across the lash. Never wait when applying second coat of mascara to lashes. Mascara, especially waterproof mascara, dries quickly and can clump.

* Lightly coat lower lashes.
I bought an eyelash curler but I still don't quite know how to use it. I tried a few times but got scared when I put it up to my eye - I really couldn't see what the heck I was doing, and after all, it's my eye! Maybe I'll give it another try after reading this. Cosmetics are tricky, it seems first you have to buy all the ingredients and the tools and brushes, and then you have to learn the recipies. But it can also be a lot of fun, even when it doesn't quite work out the way you planned.
~*Christie Luv*~
*giggle* I know the lashie curler can be confusing at first! I use mostly my other eye for watching through the mirror while trying to keep my other eyelash still. I don't recomend heating it if you haven't perfected the technique yet but I am sure if you keep trying you will get very good at it.
I love eye make-up cause when it is right it looks so pretty

This all helped me a wot,Thankies! 
"There is but one truth. If you avert your eyes from it, you will always remain nothing more than a puppet."-Roger Smith
thanks for the tips, big help
 I will you these tips for sure
thank you

  Thank you for posting this Christie. I love MAC myself also. Very nice stuff.
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