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How to Dress Like a Celebrity


It's fun watching TV and movies... except for one little flaw: The entire time you're wishing you were as glamorous and sophisticated as the stars. Have you ever wondered how Mary-Kate, Kirsten, Nicole, and Lindsay get dressed to get coffee, but still look ridiculously good? Here's how.


* Go shopping! If you want to dress like celebrities, it doesn't matter if you dress exactly like them or not, because they won't be there to be freaked out if you dress exactly like them. It's better if you add a little bit of your own touches though. Also, make sure you're wearing the right size. If you have a nice body, don't hide it in loose tees and baggy jeans!

* When you wake up, don't brush your hair. Tousle it through your fingers to get that messy look. Or try to wear a different style each day. If you need ideas, you can try: Monday- Low ponytail. Tuesday- One braid. Wednesday- Down. Thursday- High ponytail. Friday- Two braids. But try switching the styles for different days, or else people will get use to the same thing everyday.

* Accessories are a must! For necklaces, don't have anything too fancy. A silver and/or gold chain with one large gem on it is very cute. Pearl bracelets are in, especially pink pearls. You can wear tiaras, as long as it's a party. Rings with little dangly charms on them are really nice. Earrings are the best out of all jewelry! The more dangly and sparkly, the better! You can also make your own jewelry, that's good as they're sparkly, and look very professional. Imagine the look on their face when they ask where you got your jewelry, and you say that you made it! Try looking through magazines for jewelry ideas if you make your own jewelry. Layer as many scarves and necklaces as possible; chunky big beads are recommended.

* Now that you look and dress to impress, you need a certain attitude for success! In Paris Hilton's book, she says that you need to act like there's an invisible tiara on your head, that you need to know that when you walk in a room, you're the most exciting girl in it. Don't act mean! People will hate you if you're mean. But you still need to act like that you're the center of attention, but not totally stuck up. Still be yourself, but have a few minor changes- act girlier, remember you're the center of attention, and NEVER act mean.

* Throw on a pair of light, very low jeans.

* Wear designer clothes, or a sexy halter.

* For the shoes, go with ballet flats or stilettos also in the winter wear boots high heals are good too!

* Next apply black eyeliner around your eyes and some clear gloss on the lips if desired.

* Grab a cute designer bag and sunnies.

* Make sure that you wear plenty of stylish cloths!

* Have fun with your new look!


* For purses and shoes, try to get designer. If you can't afford it, get knock-offs. If you get knock-offs, make sure they look realistic, or people will think you're cheap! If they look realistic enough, if people ask if they're real, say yes. But if they don't look realistic enough, don't say yes!

* Don't be afraid to experiment. If you want, opt for leggings instead of jeans, dare to be daring.and try not to look like mary kate

* If you want to look the part you have to act the part, work that strut you've been secretly practicing in the mirror.

* You need a pair of sunglasses that can be big.


* Don't overdo the makeup; the last thing you want is to look trashy. Do you want to look like a trashed Courtney Love?

* Be yourself! Don't act snooty or be mean to others!

Things You'll Need

* tight,leggings

* a really nice top, a huge tee, etc.

* scarves

* necklaces

* flats/high-tops

* black eyeliner

* Mascara

* Vaseline (petroleum jelly) or clear gloss

* BIG bag!

* HUGE sunglasses!

* A celeb 'tude
How to Look Like a Movie Star on a Budget

Every woman wants to look beautiful Most women do not have a unlimited shopping budget, or makeup artist, hairdresser and all that fancy stuff at their disposal. Here a some tips on how to look like a movie star without spending movie star money.
*sigh* Sometimes, we can only dream...


* Start from head to toe. Your hair. Does it need an update? Cut it, color it, or just look in front of the mirror one day and practice some great hairstyles. Pluck your eyebrows. Give yourself an at home facial. (They sell packets in the drug stores like mud masks, etc. They feel great and won't break the bank.) Buy generic makeup that looks similar to the colors your favorite stars are wearing. (Remember red in Clinique is still red in generic brands.)

* Buy sales, clearances, garage sales, check the internet, have a clothing swap, thrift stores, learn to sew, update wardrobe by reconstructing them, add ribbon, bows, glitter, accessorize with jewelry, scarves, glasses, wear black looks more expensive, don't pay retail, you can dress great just get creative. It's a lot more fun than spending tons of money.

* Buy the right bra for your body. The right underclothes will make your clothes fit and look better.

* Shoes are great. Don't pay high retail prices. Again outlet, clearances, use your imagination.

* Confidence not arrogance. Walk upright, be proud of who you are. You are a star in your own way.


* Take care of yourself. Life is all in the details. Keep your teeth bright and hair brushed.

* Keep your legs, armpits and whatever else shaved.

* If you are going to wear the same color top as bottom, wear a belt to match maybe your jewelry or shoes. Silver and gold look GREAT with black but be careful, it's very easy to overdo those two colors!


* Don't be too trendy. Stick to classics.

* Do not over-accessorize. It's really tacky and looks cheap, no matter how expensive your accessories are.
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