R dollies humiliation
I delight in this and all my GFs will be so jelo when we laugh about my littles pathetic tea party, such a looser
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Hello sissies I am Miss Chelsea , my sissy dolls Nanny.
 I must thank you all for completely humiliating my little pansy dolliesissy by not a one of you coming to her pathetic sissy tea. I could not have planned this better. I have her crying and wetting in her nursery laying in her silly crib right now! lahalahalahaha   I am teasing her and telling what I write you all. This is price. toodle oooos pipins
Source: Miss Chelsea London's Nanny service
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should my dollie be?
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always anal pluged
3 votes
always kept in chastity
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all of the above
8 votes
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Miss Chelsea
time to up the anti in my favor. For every all the above vote I will have a private chat with each member who votes in favor. For every castration vote dollie will be plugged that many days, for any catagory not voted dolllie must undergoe all the above as many days are there are votes total and get castrated immediately.

There now this is much more fair as I see it   say good bye to your tiny grasps little baby dollie voting will end and be calculated at the end of this week, next sunday
Dear Miss Chelsea - how lucky your Sissy is to be so well cared for. I guess that sometimes strong measures are called for. I'm happy to help you as requested and so have submitted a vote.
Alexia xx.
Just wannabee a girl in lingerie 
AAAAAWWWW!!! Cute baby :)  
she is so adorable she is living the life goals of any baby girl you got my vote 
Dear Miss Chelsea,it appears your "Little Baby Dollie" must truely need to be a life.YOU girls start life as a baby of course,so you are doing such great work with life.YOU keep her as your baby girl,until it is time for her to begin to grow up and go through ALL the developmental stages of life.YOU HAVE MY VOTE!!!! 
 huhs?...... omgawd no no pwease stop thtop mes is crwings now. scampers up hallway mary janes clicking my hand to my tery eyed face and I fall into my baby crib and grab my stuffies " mes will hide ans ans nobody can find me , oh no tedward I will come back for you and miss lumkins and lambie and goldie buts me gotsh figure outs where i csn put hims a fishie? he can fit in my sippy cup... plots my scape :ninja:
 Dollie Sissy..... M.M.PRODUCTIONS
I'm sure there are more humiliating things you could do to them. Like contacting their past crushes pictures of them! 
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