PG delicate sissy time
hii this is what master has me wear around the house when im cleaning like a good sissy boi!
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I just wanted everyone to know what a frou poofy sissy I am, master has said its time to experience sissy kiss as I am now a 24/7 hypno sissy diaper boi! is what master uses to film and humiliate me with I want to make friends with all the sissies!!!
I am a 24/7 diapered sissy maid who is addicted to frillies ruffles lace puffy sleeves princess dresses PETTICOATS mmmmmmmmmmm im a frilly boi!
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Very nice outfit.  A proper sissy maid should have a pretty diaper to show off while working.  What does your master have you wear at night?  Where do you sleep?   Crib?  Floor at foot of Master's bed?  Does he allow you to share his bed?
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