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You can call me "Cherish."  Why not?
I won't pretend to say that I in particular have always had an "inner baby girl" waiting to burst out like some bad case of precocious puberty.  However, from a very early age, I do recall being both fascinated and "turned on" by girly things: dresses, crossdressing, feminity in general.  For a while during my youth, I had this odd fascination with diapers.  In hindsight, I think it's rather disgusting--as I don't like the bodily functions that typically come WITH diaper-wearing.
As I've become older (and spent godawful amounts of time on the Internet), I've grown more attracted to masculine qualities while not letting go of my affinity for the feminine image.  I would describe myself as absolutely asexual in real life, but in fantasy I dream of bisexual, homosexual, and emasculating scenarios.
After spending a great deal of time on Second Life, I've reached a point where I envision myself in the submissive feminine sexual role.  I'm intrigued by femmeboy art, turned on by transexuals, and have a supremely unhealthy obsession with Disney Princesses.  I've cross dressed in real life, and I used to have an undeniably frilly assortment of undergarments.
Why am I laying all of this out here before you girls?  Because, I suppose, I long for an outlet, as we all do.  So, do forgive me for indulging in a little fantasy.
Okay...maybe a LOT of fantasy.
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, nice to meet you. Many of us have similar experiences and feelings that you have expressed. I am mostly into being an adult baby or sissybaby. I like the idea of having a dominant female partner.
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