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can anybody explain how to upload your own icon from the link provided? I want to use my own but dont understand the instructions.
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~*Christie Luv*~
Hi! You can click your name to switch your icon and you will see a pop up that has more icons. To span through them click on an icon and a new list will come up and you can press "Use your own" to upload one from your computer or from Hope this helps!

Hi, thanx for the reply, but it doesnt really help as i cant see where to upload from my comp, i can see the photobucket link, but that isnt helpful either, i guess i have to copy and paste a link for my pic on photo bucket, but which one? Sorry to be so dense.
~*Christie Luv*~
Oh whoopsie, no that was me! Actually you need to be logged in with photobucket to see the upload button on that page and then you can upload it from your computer on the page you go to after you press the "Use your own" button.

So to do it, sign up a free account on photobucket if you don't have one already and then when your logged in on your new account, try out going to the chat room and press "Use Your Own" Then you'll see a "Browse" button for browsing your computer for the pic you would like to upload and an "upload" button for uploading it after you've picked it out.

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