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How to make the perfect set of diapers!
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Hi Sissies!

I promised you all that I would make a pictorial to show how it is that I make my diapers, which, in this humble sissy's opinion, are by far, the best available in terms of looks and comfort.
They are suitable for a long night of wetting in the crib or just for wearing around the Nursery.

I start with a long length of cheesecloth, say about 35'-50' depending on how thick you like your diapers. I lay it out lengthwise as shown below:

Then I cut some 3/8" foam into rectangular sections about 3 feet long (shown above the cheesecloth).

I place them onto the cheesecloth, first with the narrow one...

Followed by the wider one and last with the other narrow piece;

Then, I begin flipping the whole thing lengthwise so the foam remains on the inside.

When this is done, I have another section of cheesecloth that I bunch up to add filler at the front and back of the diaper (shown in the foreground):

I push this into the interior so its in between the foam and the cheesecloth, on the top side of the foam.

Voila!! You're ready to be diapered!

Here's what it looks like when pinned to an incontinent sissy;

And with a snug pair of plastic panties;

This sissy is ready for the day!

Note, the foam inserts add bulk down the center of the diaper but they're not so much intended as soaker pads as to make the diaper have some cushion, shape, and react like a pillow to the touch. It ensures that the diaper doesn't become stiff and inflexible but is baby soft and springy.

Warning to all mommies: your sissy won't be able to keep his hands off the front of his diapers with these on! A secure chastity device is strongly recommended to keep him under control.
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Fantastic pics, Bobby. You're right, that diaper really looks fantastic. I've always been a tad jealous that in every AB pic I see, diapers on women look better than diapers on men. I think you might've changed my opinion about that.  

 Fantastic pics, Bobby. You're right, that diaper really looks fantastic. I've always been a tad jealous that in every AB pic I see, diapers on women look better than diapers on men. I think you might've changed my opinion about that.    

I agree with WannabeBaby on two counts: 1) the diapers look wonderful, and 2) they look great on you! At last! Damn good cloth diapers for men that bring out our inner-sissy!

What a perfect Halloween treat for the Sissykiss community - thank you, Baby Bobby!

Igor! We must begin the new experiment! Bring the cheesecloth! I must have new diapers for my (ahem), creature!   
Yes, diapers look great. Does the foam offer enough absorbency for a heavy-wetting sissy? Anyway - great look and very sissyish -- which is appropriate, of course. The Mary Janes - shaved legs, and so forth are all so RIGHT for a sissy in diapers. Absolutely no one would ever, ever mistake the sissy here as a man!
A long night in his plastic-sheeted crib awaits!
And I agree that something has to be done to prevent the sissy from trying to "play" -- as they are wont to do.
Baby Bobby__
Hi fellow sissies.

Just a few notes of info here: these diapers are extremely absorbent and very well suited for long (wet) nights in the crib. I normally soak them in the middle of the night and then again after I've woken up. You would simply be amazed at how much they can hold. The important thing is to have a good, well fitting pair of plastic panties on. Having said that, its still wise to sleep on a waterproof mattress cover, but that should be a requirement for all sissies anyway.

I've purchased real cloth diapers from sources on the internet and worn them but I'll be honest--they are a pale shadow to the type I've shown above. They're stiff (even after a dozen washings), difficult to keep on (they tend to sag, even when dry), and not the least bit comfortable. Not only that, they look terrible.

I much prefer the wonderful softness of my custom diapers--its what all sissies need. Yes, it serves as a constant temptation to play with oneself and wearing a chastity device full time can make the combination very frustrating. But alas, that's the life of a bedwetting sissy. Sometimes we're forced to trade the simple pleasures in life like the freedom to cum whenever we like, for the soft caress of diapers and a Teddy bear to snuggle with in our cribs.

One last thought: both the foam and the cheesecloth can be easily purchased from a fabric shop. You want to try and get the cheesecloth cut from a roll, rather than a pre-packaged container.
Oh, and one thing about these is that they'll literally last forever. My original cloth is over 25 years old and while a bit tattered, is still usable.
Baby Butch
Nice thread with good instructions. I like the outfit you wear in the crib and babyish plastic pants. The diapers are quite thick with all the foam pads.
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