PG Baby Maid (My first cappie.)
A young woman is babied by her employer.
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"Oh, what's this? Why are you lying on my bed holding my old teddy bear? And where is your black uniform, that pink one makes you look like a little baby, not that you aren't adorable, don't get me wrong, but you do owe me an explanation little lady."
Kira, in a daze, gazed from the bed at her employer and quickly woke from her nap, oh god she was back early, how would she ever explain this. Swallowing hard and standing quicky, kira's diaper crinkled loudly in the silent room, causing her to blush as a knowing smile crept accross her employers face. Red faced and staring at the floor, Kira tearfully confessed her secret. "Ms Roselin I'm so sorry, I was just taking a little see I am really a baby at heart and when you go away on business trips...I...dress as a baby when I do my work....and Um...I pretend I'm your little girl, I'm really very sorry I meant no harm please don't fire me."
Ms Roselin gently stepped forward and looked down at her young maid fondly as she cupped her chin and raised her head to meet her gaze, "fire you, no my sweet darling you shall not be fired, you shall become my baby girl, you will move from your room once I have a nursery set up for you, I shall have to call a contractor and hire a new maid and a nanny, goodness me I'm glad my last novel was another best seller." without another word the childless author picked up the much smaller young woman and craddled her in her arms while tears of joy streamed down Kira's cheeks.
"No more tears darling your with Mommy now," she said gently kissing Kira's tears away, "does my darling baby need her diaper changed?" Kira nodded wordlessly, snuggling into her new Mommy as she was carried from the room to begin her new life as a pampered little baby.
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Mina Silverwind
I loved the picture which is uber cute. The story makes my day and you continue to improve as a caption artist.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Thank you Mina, kind of you to post, I am very happy to have a new computer and to be back here at last and able to contribute to the site in my own little way.
Kimmie XO
Baby Butch
Great first cappie, I love the plot of the story. Being a sweet baby girl for a boss and mommy is a great idea. The writing is good, great picture too!
OMG She is SOOO Cute!!
Thank you :)

you know i really enjoy this one
Jennifer Funshine
Such a beautiful story accompanied by a beautiful picture... thanks for helping
to bring some beauty into my evening KS, I love everything about this caption.
I think once my hair grows out again, I'm going to try to snap a similar piccie
of me wif my large teddie bear! :)
really cute!!! :-) xx
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She looks so cute and peaceful~ <3
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