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Married with Diapers
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Over 60 years old, but I still desire to be under 2.  I know most of you say what a silly old guy, but know that if you have desires now, you will when you're my age.   You will not outgrow it.  Just something i have had to manage all my life.  Believe me it was a lot tougher when there was no internet or information on what was going on in my head.    My wife of 40 years does not understand nor want to discuss it.   I love her dearly and have a very successful family life with 3 grown children, 5 grand children.
With my kids gone, I have gotten more bold, i will wear diapers to bed,  Sometimes my wife will notice even in our Queen bed and cower to the other side so she doesn't touch me or the diaper i wear.   But we do not discuss it, though i would like to.  I just roll over and sleep like a baby.  At least she does not confront or demand i stop wearing diapers.   For decades I expected I would grow out of my desires, but now realize i will take them to the grave.  Just the way I am.

It's just make believe....darn it. 

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