XXX how I came to the diaper
True Story
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Diaper - Stories :

My very first "self" written DIAPER - HISTORY :

For the first time with DIAPER :

As I recall it has just started it as my 4 year younger sister was about 2 and I saw my father there as my sister a fresh DIAPER docked . Then my curiosity was aroused ^ ^ ;)
I decided as soon as possible would give me time to take a fresh DIAPER by my sister and me to pull on . For my personal happiness , this moment was not too long to wait. One beautiful summer day , it was time I had for a short time " comfortable place " . Very carefully, especially shaky - on the legs - with excitement , I snuck into my sister's room . As soon as I opened the door, came to me the typical DIAPER smell in the nose and I was glad a lot more to it. I then went to the CHANGING my sister and cautiously opened the two cabinet doors, behind which were the fresh DIAPERS .
Then I took DIAPER out of the closet and made the I quickly came from the room before my parents came back. - Phew, that 's a wrap first I thought to myself ;)
Once in my room I put my first one captured DIAPER under my blanket . Then I had already taken a shower in the morning and it was only noon. Nevertheless, I went briefly into the bathroom, where I went to get something to put some cream only short before. Back in my room I first moved out of my shirt , then my sweatpants and last but not least my panties . Completely naked I rummaged under my bed covered out the fresh DIAPER and began to open it. Then I put the DIAPER go prepared so that I just have to put my naked butt on the back of the DIAPER . No sooner said than done when I was sitting on the fresh DIAPER I lay back a little so that I could fold down the front of the DIAPER up at me. I then started on the right side with the lower tape , When he had finished I made on the left side of the DIAPER on, then came the top right then top left - finally finished ^ ^ ;)

One of the first feelings that I felt was the security and safety ;) A few weeks later I dared even then with great effort a bit PEE to run in the DIAPER oh what was that enjoyable.

Since then, fortunately, have repeatedly occasions arise in which I came ran to fresh DIAPERS . And now I give the DIAPERS for nothing in the world here ;) <3 < 3 <3
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