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My Sissy Period.


Mistress has decided that from now on I will have a period every month more or less.

To keep me honest the only time I can be sure of not starting is the first seven days after I have finished my last period. I will be allowed only 20 maxi-pads, 25 panty liners, and 20 tampons a month. My period will last seven full days with the flow starting moderate for two days then heavy for two days, then tapering off for two days followed by one day of light spotting. She mixes cherry jello  with only half the recommended water, put into balloons and frozen in the freezer. I will be required to wear a pass through butt plug ( small hollow butt plug) at all times when not on my safe days. Each evening before bed I am to get an enema and again each morning (even during my safe days) to keep my little girly pussy clean. I will be given one or two balloons each day before I can go to work. I will never know whether this is one with a hole in it or not so the surprise can be maintained.  I will be required to wear white cotton camel toe panties at all times. If I use up my supplies of feminine protection products I can get no more. Each product can only be used once and not for more than six hours.  Of course stained panties will always get me caned at least 25 strokes 1st offense, 35 strokes 2nd offense, 45 strokes 3rd offense etc.(keep adding 10) each month. Since my PA piercing makes it impossible to pee standing up and it splatters all over me sitting down, the use of toilet paper is required to keep the yellow stains off. I will have panty inspection when I get home each day before changing into proper female attire.  When the flow starts I have lots more to get when I get home.

After four days of cold balloons with no hole (they were refrozen for future use) I was surprised by a sticky wet feeling in my panties.

               Report continues:

   When I get home and the flow had started, Of course any caning for stains will be handled first thing. Then I will be given 4 fiber pills with just enough water to get them down. This will be repeated each hour for at least six hours (24 pills) NOTHING ELSE TO DRINK. At that time I will be required to drink 1 quart of water every half hour for two hours until I have a gallon of water in me. At that time I will be given 6 tablespoons of castor oil and one more quart of water. Also I will receive a 50cc injection of normal saline in each breast. This will be repeated in the morning and each morning until flow stops.



I had red stains and it was my 2nd offense so I was given 35 strokes with the cane on the bare bottom. Next I got the pills and then the icky castor oil and another quart of water. The injections in my breasts really hurt!

    As the water and castor oil filled me I started to feel very bloated. I felt so full and uncomfortable. Soon it felt like someone had stabbed me in the stomach with a knife. The cramps just kept getting worse and worse. I started to feel nauseous and soon had to run for the toilet to vomit. Mistress said girls quite often  experienced this and to quit complaining or I would get more. The cramps were awful all through the night and no enema this evening but in the morning the enema was given and I swear I thought it was doing permanent damage to my insides. When I was allowed to go to the toilet I don't believe I ever pooped this much at one time. As the cold balloons were inserted in the morning and the injections given I left for work with no sleep at all and my maxi-pad in place. When I got home that evening I had goofed and got some "blood" on my panties so 45 strokes then more pills and everything was repeated. This time I had to vomit three times before my morning enema. I think the cramps were worse the second night, if possible.  The 3rd night the butt plug was removed and I was given a quart of water mixed with glycerin and had to hold it all night. I was not allowed to empty before my morning enema. The cramping was bad but I was so tired I did get some sleep and no mess, so no more caning. In the morning after my enema the cold balloons were put in and the hollow butt plug replaced and of course the injections to my breasts. The 4th and 5th nights were the same as the 3rd and I was able to not leak at night and able to properly manage my period through the rest of my 7 days. The 6th and 7th days were just managing my feminine products properly.

   Now I am safe for 7 whole days and have nothing to manage but my peeing. I will be extra careful as the surprise will more than likely get me again sometime in the next three weeks, and I don't want extra strokes of the cane. They hurt!!!

And I am NOT looking forward to more cramping. Mistress always says girls handle pain better than guys. Now I believe it!



Sissy Sue

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