PG I'm Back! - Personal Update -
Life caught up, had to take a hiatus for a bit!
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   Hiii Everyone! I know, I know, I said I wanted to be active on this site...and then I go and disappear for 3 months.   I missed a bunch of replies on my topics, and some messages from friends...Oopsie~!
   See, I'm still in college, and the spring semester just started back up, which took a lot of my free time, as well as curbing my libido. So I just wasn't feeling like a sissy for a lot of the time. Add onto this, a breakup, work, and that I had to go back overseas to live with my roommate who, while a great guy, is not the type to be okay with ANY of my fetishes. Which cuts down on the ol' sex drive even more. All this combined means I had no desire be a sissy, and thus to log back on here...
   But now! I'm back! I got a wonderful new cage, (A pink Holy Trainer V2 Short look alike, It's a knockoff, but it still works, is comfortable and being a fifth of the cost is nice If you wanna see it, let me know ^^) new panties, and new ideas and games for my PC Gamer Tasks and I hope to be more active in the future!  

(As a question though for any admin that reads this, am I allowed to post a picture of me wearing my new cage? Or is that violating the rules? I did read the site rules, But I Just want to be absolutely sure before I do, It's just how I operate ^^'.)
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