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    So, to start off, Hi! I'm Stefania! I am a 19 (going on 20!) year old boy who really enjoys crossdressing in any and all sexy and cute clothes for sluts and sissies alike~ But along with that, I have a huge BDSM kink, and was blessed with the ability to be a switch, although, with my sissy side, I do enjoy being the sub more than the dom. Also while I'm not gay, I do make quite the anal slut if I do say so myself ;), also, I'm really starting to bloom with my ABDL kink. More on that later. Now, on with my story.

   My sissy attitude actually might have started when I was a little child. I was raised by my single mother with my older sister, and being the younger sibling I always wanted to do what my older sibling did. And wore. I remember wearing tiaras, playing with barbies, and even asking my mother to let me wear one of my sisters dresses. My mom thought it was just a phase, and left me to it. Deciding to let me figure it out on my own rather than force me down a path I might not like when I was older. I thank her for that now. And I did grow out of it...for a while. Even still my propensity toward the opposite gender continued with all my friends in elementary being girls and most of my closest friends now are female.

   Fast Forward a couple years later, and I got the chore of doing the households' laundry. The more I did it, the more I noticed my older sister's underwear, how soft they were, how cute they could be (she never was very sexual at all, so all of her clothes were very cutesy and modest.) and just overall more pleasing to me than my normal underwear. I began pocketing some of her panties for my own use, to try on and to wear and it all snowballed on from there. I enjoyed putting them on, wearing them to school, admiring myself in the public bathroom stall, heh~ And once I bought my own laptop and no longer had Parental blocks, my kink increased exponentially with all the crossdressing pictures and porn I could look at.. Though while my parents caught me a couple times, they didn't take any action, and since have accepted (Pushed it out of their minds) it. Though I am very good at hiding my sissy side in front of them. So it saves them having to think about it. Which I think is better for all of us.

Then puberty hit. my hair grew, (only on my legs, pubes and pits though. My arms, chest and face are still hair free to this day. Asian mother for ya.) my voice dropped, but my physique maintained what I've always had. I was thin, with a curve in my waist, a girlish face, pretty light brown eyes with lashes girls said they wished they had, curly brown hair, and overall just looked very feminine. Many girls have told me that I could pull off crossdressing quite easily, as long as I didn't speak. All these observations helped push me to like crossdressing even more.

Fast forward to now, in College, With a part time job that I can use to fund my sissy needs. And I've built up a wealth of toys, lingerie, and outfits that I use. I probably spent more that should, but, Hey, it's a fun lifesyle of mine. :)

Now, about the ABDL kink...that started only recently. I never really thought up until a couple years ago that age-play with diapers and pacifiers and bibs was even a thing. Now, I love enemas. Like...Really really love enemas. And I wanted to explore how to hold an enema in without making a mess...and diapers kind of came to mind. I looked online, and found this entire new kink I never heard of! (Isn't the internet wonderful?) At first, I was dismissive of it. Telling myself "I'm not a baby. I just want the diaper for enema help" but as the days passed, I found myself searching for it more, and more, and now it's up there with one my more favorite kinks. Now, I'm not fully into it. Mostly just diapers, pacifiers, onesies, the appearance aspect. Not really the acting aspect. I tend to view it more as a humiliating punishment for when I'm a bad servant to my mistress. "If you don't do _______ you'll be locked in a diaper for the rest of the day." 

So That's the story of my sissy life~ Seems like I've been into crossdressing and girly things even from kindergarten. 

Note from me~: This was actually a lot of fun to write, I do enjoy writing, and while this may sound selfish and narcissistic I love telling people about myself. And I will more than likely do more blogs in the future. Be it talking about my hobbies, kinks, the punishments I came up with, or stories like when I went out shopping wearing a diaper, after having an enema plugged in me...heh~ So I'll talk you all later! Bye~!
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