Welcome to Stepford
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Well I've been doing some work on my newest story for Sissy Kiss and a few things came to mind while writing the premise for it. The title "A Different Kind of Fun" is a little too vague. I was planning the story out and things turned out a little differently. I decided to go down a different route with the story and go with forced diaper wearing, cross-dressing and complete sissification and a new story was born:

"Welcome to Stepford"

Now I know what you're all thinking. Stepford is a town in which women are turned into either mindless zombies that are the perfect examples of housewives in their finest clothes and look really pretty. Another alternative is the fact that they have chips implanted into their brains controlling them. Depends on if you read the book, saw the first movie or the remake starring Nicole Kidman. I wanted to do something different. This is Stepford, for sissies. Where boys become diaper wearing sissy girls and girls are in charge. Even tomboy girls are made into the perfect Stepford children.

Now I'm unsure of where this is going to go, but I think it should be fun. Whether I follow the original movie and book and end it with the main character as a sissy or not is still in the air.

I should have the first chapter up by Friday so keep an eye peeled.
A sissy of satin, but not frills. A sissy of length, and not thrills. A sissy that is a princess, and not a baby.

I am the first of each. Long satin gowns that turn me into the Sissy Princess I wish to be.
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