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I've been working on a few ideas for my future literary works, and I have wanted to write down and let you all know the plans I have for the second half of the year. At the moment I'm working on my fanfic for Digimon, but after that I have two projects in mind:

A Different kind of Fun

Princess of Arcadia

Now those are only two ideas that I have. Both will be posted to SissyKiss and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy them, but they do have two very different themes. A Different Kind of Fun is about a young male who moves to live in a small village with his aunt, and in which the children have a different way of spending their time and having fun. I want to create a modern day setting in which there is little to no prejudice against those who are different.

The second story, Princess of Arcadia, is going to be a sequel to The Fairy Princess, the five part story that amazingly was well received both on Sissy Kiss and on my page at DeviantArt which surprised me. Its going to be continuing the story of Renoa as he goes from a feminine male, to a beautiful fairy princess. Its going to include feminisation and diapers so that's going to be a first for me.

Hope you all enjoy reading my work when it arrives, I'll be sure to keep you updated.
A sissy of satin, but not frills. A sissy of length, and not thrills. A sissy that is a princess, and not a baby.

I am the first of each. Long satin gowns that turn me into the Sissy Princess I wish to be.
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