PG A Sissy Baby Cot (3D Model)
A 3D cot that is going to be made for real.
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A Sissy Baby Cot (3D Model) - A 3D cot that is going to be made for real., 3D Model,to real life, Adult Babies
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 My Cot:

The following is a model as made by me using SketchUp Make 2017. Only the Pillow and the Lamp/Mobile are not of my own creation.

This cot is going to be made for real

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BEAUTIFUL,I bet ALL babies would LOVE to have that  in their nursery,and have to do nighty nites and naps in it.I SURELY would LOVE to!!! 
@ babyginagirl
  Thank you for the comment Babyginagirl. Much apperciated. I am excited that it's going to be made, as near to the original concept,as possible. I made sure to keep the design simple, but beautiful at the same time. I'm honouerd and luckly to know somone who loves me so much that she wants to have this made for me, further more, she knows someone that makes furniture.

I can't at the moment say any more about this person that I know or the person that she knows who makes furniture. But it shan't be long now before I finally get to be able to reveal all.
good luck 
HI,,,, I am shamrock & I am a male ,,,,  I wear diapers and i love to be bandaged up from head to toe by female nurses and diaper up like a baby girl by them too,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU ALL    
@ shamrock
  Thank you Shamrock for the good luck message. I really appreciate it, I shall keep my fingers crossed.
Baby Butch
Wow! Who would not want a Cot like that? Best wishes with the final product, it looks very nice and big enough too.
@ Baby Butch
  Thank you Baby Butch for the comment. I am glad that you and everyone that has commented like the design of the cot. I got inspired by an image of cot, in a similar like design, that I used as a template to draw around, but then modified the cot drawing a little, to suit my own ideas. My Mummy loves the design, I could not believe my own ears when she offered to me to have it made, that,  and the kind of people that she knows. Simply amazing.
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