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A Whole New World


There once was a boy called Timothy, who grew up and he began his life, dressing and living as a woman. Timothy had in his youth spent much time taking and wearing his sisters clothes in secret. While he liked wearing them, there was something else, deep down inside of him. Something that would change his world.

His life in a way ended, and Sheila was if you will the second reincarnation. Yes, I am a Doctor Who fan, in my own little way. So a new life of sorts began and Sheila lived out her life, or more to the point, she tried to do so, but something was wrong. Very wrong… But Sheila could not, for the life of her figure out what that was.

Although the answers were already there inside of her, they had been there in the first incarnation. That said, even Timothy himself could not make much sense of it, himself. As young as 6 years old, he had an overwhelming feeling that he should be a baby girl, and have a baby girl’s life.


But he was far too young to be able to understand that. And as he grew older, the baby girl aspect inside of him lay dormant, but it was never completely all that too far, or too deep from his conscious mind. At the age of 16, more older and a little more free to do his own thing to some extent, allowed for the baby girl from within to resurface.

Timothy could not buy nappies, for in his time, they were of the Terry Towelling kind, he no idea how to pin a nappy on himself, let alone on an actual baby. He knew nothing about Sissies or adult babies, for the internet had not been invented at that time, computer telephone modems were in use, but Timothy never saw those in use, my knowledge base about such things is limited, I’m afraid.

I think though they may have been more popularised in America and were more of in use, than what they were in the UK. But please do not quote me on that, it’s odd to think that people lived in a pre-age of the Internet, but there was such an age, you only have history books etc. to tell you that one.


Anyway, I digress. Timothy had no knowledge of Sissies and definitely nothing at all about adult babies. So, he did the only thing that made sense to him though it was not certain if even what he chose to wear, as clothes were limited, being 16 physically, it’s obvious not any baby girl dress was going to fit him.

So he started out with wearing frilly plastic pants, in a size large, there was an XL, if I am not mistaken for a much bigger baby, but Timothy really did not know what size to choose, we’re talking about actual real baby girls frilly plastic pants here, not ones made for adults.


Suffice to say Timothy had a very skinny frame for his age and it was quite a tight fit at that getting into those actual baby girls frilly plastic pants. It’s guess that perhaps an XL pair would have fitted him better, if not be a perfect fit. After wearing one pair, Timothy was hooked and soon had many of various colours. But wearing such things became much more of a secret to keep than his secretly wearing his sisters clothes, which at this point he had no interest in at all.


All he wanted to wear was frilly plastic pants, and more if he only had been small for his age, or smaller. Way much smaller. His need to be a baby girl was so strong, but he could fulfil the baby girl’s life in any real way. Timothy had to put a stop to his secret world of wanting to be a baby girl and went on with his life, only to find, he could not. Being a boy became a burden to him. Or more to the point wearing boys clothes etc.


Sheila thought she was going to live and have a better and much happier life than her previous incarnated life. But from the very begins of her life, that baby girl came out again, after going away, but not gone completely. Never, gone completely. So just as her life as a woman was almost in the flux of being, the baby girl with no actual name at that point came through. But that did not last long, because Sheila was trying to live as Transsexual, dress and live what was expected of a MTF trans person.


Dressing and wanting to be like a baby girl did not fit, or seem right, or so Sheila thought. The baby girl’s life was cut short once more. Which really hurt her, I not expect anyone to understand or remotely believe this. All I can say on my word, on my very life, this is all completely true. I honestly cannot explain the hurt part, but hope anyone reading this can relate to it. Anyway, Sheila’s life did not last long, not in the physical sense, she regenerated if you will, no of course not literally, I use these terms as best to describe all of our lives.


Amy, knew and was aware of the baby girl inside of her, it took some time before she came to learn and accept that she was a Sissy Adult Baby, Sheila did not take hormone injections, did not go for a sex change, her life was throughout a bitter struggle as she realised that trying to live and have the life of being a woman was not right for her. Sheila did not fully understand why, she had in  a way shut herself off from the baby girl from within. Hence why she did not know that the sadness that she felt came from the baby girl.


By Amy’s time she set the baby girl free and Baby Amy was born, if you will, Baby Amy met Miki, Miki Yamuri, Miki introduced Baby Amy to her Mistress, Miki’s Mistress via Yahoo IM, back in the day when it used to be great. Talked to Baby Amy and discovered that Baby Amy to be a Submissive/Pet just like Miki, but unlike Miki, Baby Amy was not owned, she wished though to have a Mummy, not a Mistress, but felt a true need to want, have and wear a collar, regardless of the fact of not wanting to be owned. It's complicated, to explain that one fully etc.


Baby Amy was surprised but happy to hear such news and changed her name to better reflect her full and complete true self. PetBabyAmy that got modified later on to SissyPetBabyAmy. That's me. A lot has happened to me, I ahve been to Hell and back and I am so beyond lucky and grateful to have found a light at the end of the tunel. During all of that time I had left SissyKiss, but I

came back with a new name, but not quite as the new me, or the 4th incarnation, I’m not quite the person I once used to be either.

I am as best as I can put it in any terms that someone may be able to understand. I am more like the Watcher in Logopolis: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logopolis

The user name here will and shall remain, simply because it is preparation if you will for the up-coming regeneration. Again, I must point out, this is in no way physical, I know that I am not really the Watcher etc. I have not completely lost my mind. I almost did, but I swear, I am as sane as I possibly can be, with all and everything that I have been through. But that within itself is part of a much longer, bigger story that would take far too long for me to tell and this is about what is or will be next for me.


Change my dear and not a moment too soon. A real true change. By the year 2018, though not at the moment, no month set as yet. But a real true definite of it going to happen.

A new baby girl will be born, well… sort of, it’s hideously complicated, sorry. Trust me, it’s best to look at it in those terms. A New Life, A Whole New World awaits, better still, when it starts, it shall be shared here, exclusively, pictures, etc. It is my wish, to best prepare you all for this wonderful new change, it is going to be one, definitely for the better.

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Baby Butch
Thank you for sharing your personal Biography. I am somewhat familiar with your life story. This is more detailed as far as the changes you went thru. I knew you as PetBabyAmy for a long time so SissyBabyPet makes sense to me. Good luck with this better future. I am pleased you came back to Sissy Kiss being one of your biggest fans of your work and a best friend.

Love & Hugs
Baby Butch : )
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