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The West Side Story

Part One


Finally it is the year 2018, my new life is only few months away now, I can hardly wait. I have waited this long, I can wait a little while longer. (See: A Whole New World & A Time For Change.) Though please do not confuse this blog with the name of the musical/Movie. I think it’s one of those two. Anyway, eventually you will all get to see what the relevance of the title of this blog is, that will be in three parts.


I was born in the North West of Lancashire, which is clue and relevance No. 1.

I never would have known what I now know, or have been able to foresee, this future that is now before me. This is my moment to reflect upon what once was and to look forward to the whole new me, a whole new life time. Though in some ways, I will continue to do some of the same things that I have done in all of my pervious other lives. (See: A Whole New Me & A Time For Change.) But also I will be doing whole new things too.


I won’t say what they will be, then again, I’m not the new me yet. *Lol* I have some ideas of the kind of things that I would like to do as the new me, but nothing is as yet, as the saying goes, is set in stone. As well as another.

All good things, comes to those who wait. And So I shall, wait. I never thought it would actually happen, to be perfectly honest, with having gone through so many pretenders before now. (See: A Whole New World & A Time For Change.) I thought that my real true life would never come to pass.


Finally at last, I know that in this case however, it is going to actually happen. I have been very much assured of this by my Mummy, whose name is Emma by the way and that is all that I will say for now, but keep watching this space, there is more to come…

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